Synonyms for Indulgence:


binge, crowd pleaser, blast, enthusiasm, enjoyment, delight, escapism, activity, amusement, change. consideration, altruism, warmth, favor, generosity, service, hospitality, help, support, liberality, benefit, solicitude, kindness, good turn, grace. charity, overindulge, forbearance, charitableness, for fun, weakness, sybaritic, accept, toleration, tolerance, epicurean, fun-loving. attribute (noun)
lenience, self-indulgence, leniency.
catholicism (noun)
altar boy, catholic, confession, conclave, catholicism, bull, confess, anglo-catholic, apostolic.
deterioration (noun)
forbearance (noun)
toleration, allowance, tolerance, patience, mercy.
gluttony (noun)
crapulence, boundlessness, omnivorousness, piggishness, greediness, hoggishness, gluttony, overindulgence, rapacity, extravagance, Insatiability, consumption, excessiveness, intemperance, voraciousness, avarice, immoderateness.
humoring (noun)
gratifying, spoiling, pleasing.
indulgence (noun)
folly, lenience, tomfoolery, pampering, leniency, indulging, self-indulgence, foolery, humoring.
intemperance (noun)
debauchery, dissipation, drunkenness, revelry, carousal, sensuality, luxury, self-indulgence.
luxury; gratification (noun)
favor, allowance, kindness, hedonism, forbearance, immoderation, toleration, lenience, patience, extravagance, excess, pleasing, pampering, leniency, service, tolerance, gratifying, intemperance, spoiling.
revelry (noun)
decadence, waste, hedonism, greed.
sensualism (noun)
wantonness (noun)
wastefulness (noun)
lavishness, pound-foolishness, opulence, thriftlessness, profuseness, prodigality, wastefulness, excess, immoderation, overabundance.

Other synonyms:

greed, fun-loving, kindness, tolerance, sybaritic, patience, toleration, epicurean, good turn, mercy. charitableness, overindulge, enjoyment. weakness, forbearance. favor, benefit. service. charity. grace. sensualism

Usage examples for indulgence

  1. There is no room in your obstinate soul for kind indulgence – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. As for the two men, they had grown thin on self- indulgence – Carnival by Compton Mackenzie
  3. The boy was Jan The man of business gave his consent, but he implored his " impulsive friend," as he termed the artist, not to ruin the lad by indulgence but to keep him in his proper place, and give him plenty to do. – Jan of the Windmill by Juliana Horatia Ewing