Synonyms for Individual:


all (adjective)
different (adjective)
distinctive, exclusive (adjective)
different, alone, single, distinct, singular, discrete, personal, original, uncommon, only, idiosyncratic, separate, solitary, peculiar, characteristic, reserved, lone, odd, definite, proper, unusual, indivisible, special, unique, specific, own, select, particular, secluded, especial, sole.
separate (adjective)
disaffiliated, disconnected, independent, distinct, Sundered, Disintegrated, severed, unrelated, autonomous, detached, fragmentary, alienated, disjoint, unaffiliated, unglued, disassembled, separate, dissociated.
single (adjective)
odd, single, lone, solitary, only, unique, sole, singular.
special (adjective)
special, specific, keynote, particular, idiosyncratic, specialized, precise, distinguishing, hallmark, feature, quirky, characteristic, peculiar, different, discriminating, definite.
subjective (adjective)
arbitrary, subjective, personal, partisan, partial.
unusual (adjective)
unusual, uncommon.


notable, remarkable, surprising, exotic, out of the ordinary, offbeat. corporate, distributed, common, uneven, discrete, Among, simple, include. distinctive, humanity, the many, your fellow man/men, vintage, typical, same, folk, people, society, man. dog, Jekyll And Hyde, type, product, variety, mixture, especial, species, character. one-man, on a personal level, one-woman, be someone's affair. singular person, thing (noun)
type, man, character.


separate (verb)
especial, original, reserved, own, indivisible, proper, public, secluded, select, alone, distinctive, collective.

Other synonyms:

alone, species, own, one-woman, Jekyll And Hyde. distinctive, one-man, discrete, especial. folk, typical, public, mixture, humanity. man, vintage, type, people, original. society, product. variety. dog. personal
Other relevant words:
one-man, type, discrete, dog, product, remarkable, character, indivisible, proper, man, simple, select, unusual, typical, one-woman, uncommon, vintage, notable, secluded, especial, alone, own, folk, exotic, offbeat, people, society, humanity, original, reserved, public, distinctive.

Usage examples for individual

  1. I am convinced public meetings are necessary to keep alive public feeling, as well as to excite individual interest. – Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel by John Yeardley
  2. Against the individual and his " self- will." – The Ego and His Own by Max Stirner