Synonyms for Eject:


climb, come down, down, airlift, eruct, buzz, explosion, captain, ditch, extravasate, bank. jump, pension off, approach, pink slip, give someone notice, bail out, ease out, lay off, pay off, retire. eject (noun)
discharge, expel, squirt, chuck out, kick out, boot out, release, force out, turn out, exclude, turf out, throw out, squeeze out.


body (verb)
exhaust, discharge, expel, release.
contact (verb)
boot out, exclude, chuck out, turf out, turn out.
exclude (verb)
forbid, ignore, proscribe, amputate, relegate, disqualify, renounce, eradicate, prohibit, repudiate, ban.
reject (verb)
crop, jettison, snip, excise, curtail, scrap, emit, blackball, lop, cut, oppugn, spew, deep-six, jilt, vent, discharge, exude, bar, disclaim, disallow, clip, discard, disapprove, belch, exhaust, evacuate, erupt, chop, blacklist, reject, disgorge, check, seep, cull, eliminate, deny, vomit, shear, excrete, abandon, secrete, junk, shed, trash, drain, exclude.
seclude (verb)
alienate, boycott, excommunicate, sequester, evict, confine, disbar, isolate, deport, expatriate, detach, expel, screen, insulate, closet, remove, banish, cordon, separate, oust, segregate, extradite, ostracize, seclude, extirpate, cloister, exile.
throw or be thrown out (verb)
banish, bump, eruct, turn out, eradicate, disgorge, emit, kick out, dump, evict, eliminate, exclude, spew, get rid of, discharge, send packing, bounce, ditch, vomit, reject, squeeze out, force out, oust, spout, expel, disbar, erupt.

Other synonyms:

flick, coax, eruct, extravasate, ditch, actuate, activate. bank, chuck, control, airlift, energize, crank. come down, bounce, captain. flash, bump, buzz. climb. down. jump, run out. exclude
get rid of
discard, kick out.
send away
send packing.
spit out
turn out.

Usage examples for eject

  1. Within the body itself, the High Priest has it in his power to make sure that there shall be no opinions, and no exercise of mind, but such as he approves; for he alone decides the duties and local residence of all its members, and can even eject them from the body. – Auguste Comte and Positivism by John-Stuart Mill