Synonyms for Beam:


blade, bail, bowsprit, boom, bilge, bolster, reach, axle, stay, aft, stanchion, sleeper, timber, two-by-four, prop, bay, trestle, scaffolding, bow, support, berth, amidships, pile, pole, pillar, lath, brace, jamb, balk, board, column. screen, streak, shimmer, come-on, chink, show, flicker, pencil, televise, bar, report, run, break, finger, glimmer, glare, emission. bench, dumbbell, exercise bike, radar, barbell, obstacle course, mat, multigym, beacon, cross-trainer. wrong, simper, smile thinly, force a smile/laugh, incorrect, crack a smile, misdirected, raise a smile, mistaken, inaccurate, grin/smile from ear to ear. matter, catch the light. foundation, buttress, scaffold, gantry, frame, framework. dazzle, radiance. beam (noun)
glow, rafter, light beam, transverse, girder, radiate, ray, i-beam, beam of light, shaft, broadcast, strut, crosstie, ray of light, stud, air, ridgepole, tie, joist, send, lintel, balance beam, transmit, sill, truss, radio beam, shaft of light, transom, crossbeam, electron beam, shine, spar, irradiation.
communication (noun)
radio beam.
length of material used as support (noun)
jamb, pillar, lintel, balk, pole, transverse, bail, stanchion, joist, lath, sill, reach, stay, bolster, strut, column, prop, spar, brace, boom, timber, shaft, scaffolding, rafter, girder, stud, trestle, axle, two-by-four, pile.
light (noun)
gleam, shine, blaze, radiation, brilliance, sparkle, luminousness, luster, brightness, glow, glint, incandescence, lucidity, scintillation, glitter, flash, illumination, light.
ray of light (noun)
flicker, radiation, ray, chink, glitter, glare, beacon, sparkle, shimmer, glint, glimmer, glow, streak, emission, gleam, bar, shaft, twinkle, finger.
support (noun)


broadcast on air waves (verb)
radiate, send, transmit, shine.
light (verb)
fire, incandesce, spot, flare, illuminate, fluoresce, flood, radiate, scintillate.
smile (verb)
grin, smile, twinkle, smirk.
smile broadly (verb)
grin, smirk.
smiles (verb)
forced, sneer.
weather (verb)

Other synonyms:

bowsprit, barbell, multigym, amidships, board, berth, televise, bilge, exercise bike, simper, bow, aft, cross-trainer, brace. bay, mat, obstacle course, boom, foundation, emission, dumbbell, streak, timber. blade, come-on. bench. screen. show. run. flare
Other relevant words:
column, cross-trainer, dumbbell, ray, pole, shaft of light, shaft, aft, forced, finger, matter, brace, inaccurate, jamb, glimmer, berth, radar, buttress, gantry, frame, light beam, scaffold, radiance, broadcast, show, pillar, dazzle, simper, bench, flicker, balance beam, shimmer, reach, board, lath, air, prop, electron beam, incorrect, beacon, amidships, balk, run, axle, scaffolding, two-by-four, send, sleeper, report, bay, ray of light, pencil, transmit, pile, screen, radio beam, bow, crack a smile, stay, boom, framework, sneer, bolster, streak, glare, trestle, bail, beam of light, timber, foundation, mat, support, mistaken, wrong, barbell, irradiation, bowsprit, break, misdirected, bar, televise, stanchion, blade, multigym, emission, bilge, chink.

Usage examples for beam

  1. A beam had fallen on my head, but my thick hair had broken the force of the blow, and the wound in a few days began to heal. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. But he couldn't walk a beam twelve hundred feet up. – Sand Doom by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  3. From the top cross- beam of each hang three bells. – The Bells of San Juan by Jackson Gregory