Synonyms for Propagate:


create, sire, multiply, produce, deliver, let someone know, reproduce, relay, divulge, report, brief, originate, tell, advise, give someone to understand (that), father, point out. cross-fertilize, feed, compost, drill, deadhead, aerate, bed out, bonsai, cross-pollinate, develop. cellular, cell membrane, chloroplast, care for, cultivate, reproduction, culture, cell, raise, grow, cytology, cell wall, culture medium. proliferate, increase, spawn. blazon, promulgate, bruit, blaze, advertise, noise, knowledge. increase (noun)
propagate (noun)
circulate, pass around, circularize, distribute, disperse, broadcast, spread, circularise, diffuse, disseminate.


breed, reproduce (verb)
grow, father, increase, beget, multiply, sire, originate, engender, raise, proliferate, produce, generate, procreate.
procreate (verb)
beget, engender, procreate, generate, breed.
spread, make known (verb)
diffuse, disperse, disseminate, circulate, develop, promulgate, broadcast, distribute.

Other synonyms:

blazon, advertise, bruit. multiply, spawn. promulgate, reproduce. increase. cultivate, grow. raise. publicize
care for.
Other relevant words:
cultivate, create, produce, increase, develop, bonsai, advertise, drill, divulge, brief, tell, cross-pollinate, compost, father, pass around, spawn, promulgate, aerate, proliferate, spread, reproduce, advise, cell, deadhead, disseminate, culture, blazon, relay, grow, chloroplast, circulate, raise, knowledge, noise, cross-fertilize, cellular, bruit, circularize, multiply, distribute, blaze, disperse, deliver, cytology, sire, diffuse, broadcast, feed, originate, circularise, report, reproduction.

Usage examples for propagate

  1. But, as it would be to swerve from that duty and loyalty which the national interests as well as those of science impose upon a writer, not to speak out with impartial justice in a matter of so vital an importance, we beg permission to consider, without reserve, this delicate question:- the causes which have contributed to propagate the complaint. – On the cattle plague: or, Contagious typhus in horned cattle. Its history, origin, description, and treatment by Honoré Bourguignon
  2. A Co- Operative Union has been formed to propagate the movement and the subject is vast. – Deep Furrows by Hopkins Moorhouse