Synonyms for Cake:


biscuit, block, brownie, bun, cake mix, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie, Christmas Cake, cone, cube, loaf, mass, slab, baking sheet. bath oil, bath salts, bubble bath, concrete, congeal, dry, foam, harden, indurate, lather, petrify, set, soap, solid, solidify, shower gel. batch, bed, bite, bowl, bowlful, can, consumption, crumb, C. artifact (noun)
bar of something (noun)
block, loaf, mass, slab.
cake (noun)
bar, coat, patty.


contact (verb)
excel (verb)
outdo, surpass, win the prize.

Other synonyms:

bath oil, bath salts, block, bowlful, brownie, cake mix, chocolate chip cookie, indurate, lather, baking sheet, shower gel. biscuit, bubble bath, cheesecake, cone, congeal, foam, harden, soap. bowl, crumb, petrify, slab, solidify. batch, bun, consumption. can. bite. bed, C. set. dough
harden, indurate, set, solidify.
Other relevant words:
batch, bed, biscuit, bite, block, bowl, bowlful, brownie, bun, can, cheesecake, concrete, cone, congeal, consumption, crumb, cube, dry, foam, harden, indurate, lather, loaf, mass, outdo, petrify, set, slab, soap, solid, solidify, surpass, C.

Usage examples for cake

  1. It had been Cuthbert's idea to ask Miss Hubbard, and she had promised to come on one condition- that she might be allowed to bring the birthday- cake and the nine candles to stick into it. – Half-Past Bedtime by H. H. Bashford
  2. Who made this cake for me? – Libro segundo de lectura by Ellen M. Cyr
  3. " You wimmen would ruther say that, than eat pound cake – At the Mercy of Tiberius by August Evans Wilson