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plug (noun)

spigot, cover, stopper, stop, spile, valve, bung, tap, cork.

plug (verb)

cover, close, tap, cork, bung, stop.

Other synonyms:

pitch, stopper, promote, bong, fill, sparking plug, tidy sum, raft, pack, launch, wad, back up, fasten, slave, grub, fag, cigar, cutoff, plug away, hussy, ad, blow someone's brains out, mass, plow, drill, slew, rechewed food, cigarette paper, take down, adulteress, air brake, market, cotton, toil, moil, flock, manduction, adapter, slut, ward-heeler, heap, mint, work, pop, hype, guarantee, fireplug, ABS, jade, stock, ensure, talk up, stopple, passel, strafe, downspout, trollop, slog, strain, scrub, scolder, cesspit, lead, chewing, blow away, drill, travail, travail, conversation stopper, horse, stack, jade green, cut, peg, nut, batten down, link, full, quid, hookup, fix, a little, sweat, talk up, promotion, cable, butterfly nut, mickle, fragment, nag, political hack, knowledge, stuff, hint, show-stopper, acceleration, jack, hacker, promote, moil, plow, advertisement, pot, compress, hump, bit, hatful, pound, pile, puffery, beaver, hustle, struggle, great deal, fornicatress, faucet, alligator clip, saturate, buildup, tug, automatic transmission, common scold, cud, cheroot, deal, strain, hack writer, peg away, twist, good deal, corset, drudge, fag, quite a little, dig, spate, sweat, dowel, ballyhoo, jadestone, gun, muckle, circular, perforate, hack, advertorial, bill as, brake fluid, bang away, work, blast, alternator, stop up, taxicab, advertise, bottom gear, showstopper, filling, head, airlock, bolt, assure, strumpet, culvert, male plug, pack in, machine politician, nagger, peg, gun, cord, dig, pick off, tug, place, pack, banner ad, bumper sticker, fitting, advert, fraction, procure, insure, spark plug, literary hack, chew, endeavor, mess, cotton ball, plod, toil, peck, pin, lot, strive, ciggy, crocodile clip, taxi, carry, tout, screw, sight, pop, hoopla, butt, trace, hustle, taster, grub, chaw, plenty, quid pro quo, briar, cast, slave, mail out, loose woman, antilock braking system, cab, bandage, hydrant, hump, endorse, endeavor, billboard, struggle, strive, river, batten, rivet, conduit, secure, scold, publicity, piece, drainboard, pound sterling, tobacco, Band-Aid, stuff, shoot, spray, connection, rake, plughole, cigarette, beaver, bang away, a bit, cane, crowd, punch, tout, brake pad, plod, classified ad, mountain, braces, mastication, cram, banner, batch, fire hydrant, sample, outlet, nail, collar.

Examples of usage:

This is a fact which we can vouch for, having seen the plug, and heard the boulders rattling loudly over our head with each successive wave; but there is no danger here, because the cutting under the sea is narrow, and the rock solid and intensely hard. - "Deep Down, a Tale of the Cornish Mines", R.M. Ballantyne.

I did nothing but plug one dull foot after the other. - "Lore of Proserpine", Maurice Hewlett.

" Give me that plug," I said, twisting it from his hand. - "The Professor's Mystery", Wells Hastings Brian Hooker.

Similar words:

spark plug, sparking plug, telephone plug, plug away, plug hat, plug in, tau-plus particle, sierra plum, sapodilla plum.

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