Synonyms for Glow:


offer, render, give away, show, surrender, display, voice, make no secret of something, manifest, express yourself. ecstasy, wonder, enthusiasm, excitement, satisfaction, kick, delight, pleasure, anticipation, luminesce, joie de vivre. crimson, kindle, color, blush, flush, catch, ignite, catch fire, mantle, go up, redden, express. catch the light. dazzle. drain, color up. gaslight, incident ray, sun, lamplight, spotlight, the light, daylight, candlelight. attribute (noun)
beam (noun)
burning, brightness (noun)
brilliance, gleam, glitter, radiance, light, lambency, incandescence, flush, blush.
glow (noun)
gleaming, radiance, gleam, beam, incandescence, burn, luminescence, freshness, radiate, lambency, shine, glowing.
light (noun)
glint, glitter, illumination, incandescence, flash, luminousness, radiation, brightness, brilliance, gleam, scintillation, blaze, luster, shine, light, lucidity, sparkle, beam.
luminosity (noun)
flush, study at flame.
newness (noun)
ray of light (noun)
state (noun)


burn, radiate (verb)
color, flare, ignite, shine, redden, mantle, kindle, crimson, blaze.
emotion (verb)
beam, shine, radiate.
light (verb)
flare, fluoresce, illuminate, spot, scintillate, radiate, incandesce, flood, fire.
perception (verb)
beam, shine, radiate.

Other synonyms:

luminesce, enthusiasm, candlelight, incident ray, color, lamplight, blush. daylight, crimson, gaslight, dazzle. redden, mantle, sun, spotlight. flush. heat
Other relevant words:
enthusiasm, color, crimson, luminescence, catch, ecstasy, candlelight, delight, lambency, daylight, anticipation, lamplight, surrender, drain, flush, color up, glowing, beam, blush, gleaming, voice, spotlight, offer, display, pleasure, satisfaction, kick, mantle, wonder, manifest, radiance, burn, joie de vivre, freshness, render, show, kindle, dazzle, redden, luminesce, excitement, sun, gaslight, express, ignite.

Usage examples for glow

  1. I never shall forget that day she first told me about him, and how loving him brought out her beauty, and made her shine and glow as if from an inner light. – A Daughter of the Land by Gene Stratton-Porter
  2. Far, far away, so far that she could hardly see it, was the glow of a fire. – The Grey Fairy Book by Andrew Lang
  3. All the dreams of youth are in my heart again, all the glow of the distant sky of hope. – The Judgment House by Gilbert Parker