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savage - 318 results
Other synonyms:

uncouth, devilish, asexual, criminal, crazy, anthropoid, dotty, uncultivated, deserted, deplorable, acerbic, unbroken, slaughter, fundamental, heavy-handed, castigate, captive, ferine, unspoiled, furious, archaic, ferocious, heathen, earliest, fauna, animate being, mortify, waste, merciless, barbed, angered, brute, natural, peasant, unrestrained, uncharitable, bare, barbarous, truculent, wildcat well, androgynous, lifeless, serious, awful, severe, knock down, idle, fiendish, caged, vicious, groundless, remorseless, kind, primitive, roughshod, advanced, reprehensible, crude, gibbet, ravenous, broken, accusatory, smash, acid, uncultivated, creature, malignant, sadist, tike, damn, noncivilized, frustrate, fantastic, cruel, strangle, bedevil, fell, wanton, inhumane, pillory, tame, ancient, noncivilised, civilized, churl, coon, shoot, tear someone/something to pieces/shreds, butcherly, coolie, infuriated, primitive, grim, take/bring/hold someone to task, infernal, monster, uncultured, crucify, uncivil, primeval, primary, beast, uncivilized, monstrous, subdue, gaga, bowelless, rapacious, colored, Canuck, malevolent, black, untaught, tell off, heathenish, feral, native, blistering, undomesticated, ad hominem, unwarranted, skirt chaser, unrelenting, harangue, bloody-minded, wild, wildcat, astringent, hazardous, aquatic, arboreal, censure, boisterous, amphibious, maddened, rigorous, hard, acute, primordial, psycho, tempestuous, pristine, cutthroat, unkind, cold-blooded, desperate, profound, acrid, shell, aboriginal, blast, malicious, simple, angry, frantic, woman chaser, ogre, uncultured, dusty, fierce, dry, rustic, kind, dire, assassinate, rag, tearing, risky, biting, help, dun, arid, treeless, wilding, torment, articulate, bump off, exterminate, kill, murderous, boor, wolf, culture, wolfish, pitiless, diabolical, murder, untamed, accusing, original, violent, hateful, massacre, relentless, infuriate, cracker, generous, best-of-breed, masher, venomous, Eskimo, evil, heartless, condemnable, unfounded, take someone's life, animal, sadistic, boom, sun-baked, destructive, poisonous, raving mad, beastly, atrocious, barbaric, nail, godforsaken, pagan, tyke, Neanderthal, extreme, baseless, hellish, despot, grave, enraged, dispatch, coloured, barbarian, dago, uncivilised, trigger-happy, blare, brutal, ungoverned, Genghis Khan, parched, tear apart.

Examples of usage:

This savage noise has already wrought its own benefit. - "Old Fritz and the New Era", Louise Muhlbach.

Well, he's a true savage, by my soul. - "Caribbee", Thomas Hoover.

It was a savage pull. - "The Emigrant Trail", Geraldine Bonner.

Similar words:

savages, savaged, savagely, savagery, savant.

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