Synonyms for Hiss:


applaud, cheer, gurgle, click, clap, crow, cluck, groan. catcall, sounds, BRRR, applause. bay, bray, bleat, bark, call, croak, grunt, bellow, baa. cry, howl, moo, chatter. croon, mutter, breathe, purr, murmur, under your breath. boo (noun)
buzz (noun)
noise, Sibilance.
buzzing sound; jeer (noun)
Bronx Cheer, Sibilance, sibilation, buzz, boo, hoot, catcall.
cry (noun)
groan, moo.
heckle (noun)
hiss (noun)
bird, snort, sibilate, raspberry, whoosh, Bronx Cheer, hoot, sibilation, siss, hissing, boo, sizz, razzing.
sibilation (noun)
rhonchus, sibilation.


communication (verb)
siss, sibilate, sizz.
make buzzing sound; ridicule (verb)
siss, whisper, sibilate, whistle, wheeze, whiz.
motion (verb)
sibilate (verb)
whir, whisper, lisp, buzz, wheeze, sneeze, snuffle, whoosh, sibilate, whiz, fizzle, sniffle, snore, sputter, snort, zip, sizzle, whistle.

Other synonyms:

Bronx cheer
Bronx Cheer.
bray, croon, croak, bleat, crow, groan, purr, click, baa. catcall, mutter, howl, cluck, bark, gurgle, cry. breathe, bellow, moo. cheer, grunt. murmur. bay. call. cry
Other relevant words:
moo, noise, bleat, bark, groan, bay, boo, hoot, mutter, catcall, croak, purr, clap, razzing, murmur, grunt, cluck, crow, click, BRRR, cry, call, sounds, breathe, raspberry, bray, hissing, Bronx Cheer, Sibilance, gurgle, bellow, howl, applause, sizz, baa, siss, croon, bird, chatter, cheer.

Usage examples for hiss

  1. Then, all of a sudden, Midshipman Farley turned with a low, sharp hiss – Dave Darrin's First Year at Annapolis by H. Irving Hancock
  2. After a prolonged gaze, with the result of nothing gained, Rushing River was about to retire from the spot as wise as he went, when his companion uttered the slightest possible hiss – The Prairie Chief by R.M. Ballantyne
  3. He was dreadfully embarrassed, and when the guests had gone, he would seize her by the hand and hiss angrily: I've asked you before not to talk about what you don't understand. – The Darling and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov