Synonyms for Boil:


steam, brew, blackhead, athlete's foot, black eye, steep, blotch, blanch, abrasion, coddle, abscess, blemish, boil over, sterilize, bedsore, evaporate, blister. surge, come out, dry clean, gurgle, air, hang out, hang up, ferment, drip-dry, burble, percolate, dry cleaner's, come off, tumble, dhobi. atomize, break down, clear, boil up, sputter, boil away. ingestion, brown, baste, charbroil, boil down. fly into a temper/rage, smolder, snap, mind, hold against, see red, rise to, lose your cool, go off at the deep end, lose it, lose your temper (with), calm. vaporize, solid, volatilize. blister (noun)
blister, abscess, furuncle.
boil (noun)
boiling point, churn, furuncle, seethe, moil, roil.
pimple (noun)
state (noun)


be angry (verb)
sputter, rage, burn, storm, fume.
bubble (verb)
bubble, lather, foam, cloud, balloon, effervesce, froth, spray, aerate, fizz.
heat (verb)
scorch, barbecue, braise, cook, burn, bake, singe, fire, fry, grill, roast, toast, scald, parboil, parch, warm, heat, sear, simmer, broil, swelter, stew, poach, char.
heat to bubbling (verb)
smolder, poach, effervesce, coddle, cook, steam, froth, evaporate, bubble, seethe, churn, fizz, parboil, steep, stew, simmer, foam.
rage (verb)
erupt, rage, rampage, fume, roar, rant, seethe, storm, explode.

Other synonyms:

bedsore, sterilize, blackhead, atomize, black eye, boil up, evaporate, blotch, abrasion, vaporize, athlete's foot, coddle, hang out, charbroil, dhobi, hang up, dry clean. blemish, break down, brown, smolder, steam, drip-dry, blister, baste. come off. ferment. come out. air. clear. bristle
see red.
Other relevant words:
see red, ingestion, roil, mind, surge, drip-dry, evaporate, blanch, blotch, abscess, vaporize, sterilize, snap, brown, percolate, dry clean, tumble, steep, air, smolder, bedsore, boil up, coddle, baste, bake, abrasion, calm, solid, steam, sputter, gurgle, churn, clear, moil, dhobi, charbroil, furuncle, burble, volatilize, boil over, ferment, blackhead, blister, blemish, boiling point, brew, atomize.

Usage examples for boil

  1. I know: we'll get some eggs of Polly Hopley; she'll boil 'em for us, and we'll take 'em back." – Burr Junior by G. Manville Fenn
  2. Boil with cover off for fifteen minutes, then put cover on and boil ten minutes longer. – The-Suffrage-Cook-Book by Kleber, L. O., Mrs.
  3. Boil your milk and add it to the cold coffee. – The Outcaste by F. E. Penny