Synonyms for Pan:


cutting room, direct, dub in, cut, cutaway, direction, dub out, dub over, animation, dub. boxful, cartload, mug, armful, feature, box, boatload, bag, precede, kisser, bucketful, basket, countenance, muzzle, dessertspoon, map, visage, face, puss. flush, roller towel, paper towel, two-ply/three-ply etc., toilet roll, rap, cut-up, criticize, toilet paper, ball cock, fault. billy, cake tin, churn, caldron, coffeepot, deep fryer, cauldron. cheeseboard, chopping block, cutting board, breadboard, can opener, chopping board, kitchen, housewares, bottle opener, corkscrew. coalfield, colliery, goldmine, coal mine, coal miner, gallery, coal mining, conflict diamonds, coal, gold rush. container for cooking food (noun)
frying pan, kettle, saucepan, casserole, double boiler, pail, skillet, vessel, bucket, roaster.
musical instruments (noun)
banjo, barrel organ, bassoon, baby grand, balalaika, bass, bagpipes, air guitar, accordion, bass guitar.
pan (noun)
double boiler, frying pan, tear apart, bedpan, roaster, dishpan, cooking pan, brazier, trash, saucepan, dustpan, broiler, genus pan, the goat god, pan off, skillet, cake pan, pan out, bake pan.
pot (noun)
saucepan, vegetable steamer, saucepot, cookie sheet, casserole, gold pan, pie pan, vessel, bucket, container, stockpot, frying pan or skillet or spider, pail, wok, muffin tin, kettle, springform pan, baking pan, Dutch Oven, tart pan, bread pan.
receptacle (noun)


criticize strongly (verb)
censure, rap, blame, knock.

Other synonyms:

toilet paper, face, reprobation, toilet roll, reprehension, paper towel, ball cock, kisser, roller towel. puss, censure, flush, visage, denunciation, criticize, blame, condemnation, mug. knock, rap, criticism, muzzle. feature, map, countenance. fault. dish
Other relevant words:
criticism, mug, trash, cooking pan, bread pan, feature, reprehension, condemnation, fault, muzzle, flush, knock, countenance, kettle, kisser, tear apart, caldron, castigate, puss, bucket, container, genus pan, censure, reprobation, pan out, map, attack, face, cauldron, vessel, the goat god, rap, casserole, pan off, denunciation, blame, pail, wok, visage, criticize.

Usage examples for pan

  1. The water in the pan must not boil. – The-Suffrage-Cook-Book by Kleber, L. O., Mrs.
  2. He had as many of 'em as I ever did, and what did he ever do but scheme away his time on fool things that didn't pan out when he ought 'a' been in the field! – The Bondboy by George W. (George Washington) Ogden
  3. He paused, a log on his shoulder, before Curly, who was squatting beside his muddy pan – The Enchanted Canyon by Honoré Willsie Morrow