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devastate - 91 results
Examples of usage:

The fear that had taken possession of Marcy's mother- that possibly the Union forces might ascend the Roanoke River, capture Plymouth, and devastate the surrounding country- now took possession of Marcy also. - "Marcy The Blockade Runner", Harry Castlemon.

Then the Tories again began to pillage and devastate the Broad River region. - "Stories Of Georgia 1896", Joel Chandler Harris.

The pick of the Turkish host, the Spahis, the Janissaries, had cast down their arms before them in thousands; while it was the talk of the bazaars that all that the Tartars were good for was to devastate conquered territory. - "The Slaves of the Padishah", Mór Jókai.

Similar words:

devastated, devastates, devaluate, devastating, devastation, devaluated, devaluates, deviate.

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