Synonyms for Grill:


interview, demand, pick someone's brains, probe, question, grid, ask, put someone on the spot, rack, griddle, inquire, put to. brown, boil down, diner, restaurant, charbroil, baste. cafeteria, bar, cross examine, bistro, carryout, canteen, cabaret, interrogate, give someone the third degree, brasserie, buffet, chinese, investigate. coffee maker, burner, colander, beater, coffee machine, blender, Barbie. artifact (noun)
grillwork, grille, grillroom.
gridiron (noun)
grill (noun)
grillwork, grille, grillroom.
network (noun)
oven (noun)
Chafer, broiler, stove, oven, boiler, brick oven, Dutch Oven, toaster, microwave oven, Dutch stove, range, electric stove, brazier, roaster, cooker, coal stove, warmer, baker, cookery, electric oven.


ask questions aggressively (verb)
question, interrogate, interview.
broil food (verb)
sear, burn, roast, cook, barbecue.
heat (verb)
parboil, roast, boil, char, singe, cook, fire, fry, sear, scorch, simmer, parch, heat, stew, poach, scald, broil, bake, barbecue, toast, warm, braise, swelter, burn.

Other synonyms:

ask. bar. cross examine
eating place
cross examine.
Other relevant words:
griddle, grillwork, baste, cabaret, question, cafeteria, canteen, diner, interview, interrogate, probe, grille, grid, rack, grillroom, inquire, brown, ask, bar, cross examine, give someone the third degree, bistro, restaurant, buffet.

Usage examples for grill

  1. It seemed to me, then, that to wear a green coachman's coat, to rush the doorkeeper at the Haymarket dance- hall, and to eat supper at the " Silver Grill was to be " a man about town," and each year I returned to our fireside at Dobbs Ferry with some discontent. – Captain Macklin by Richard Harding Davis
  2. He is afraid if he told you he belonged to the Grill that it would sound like boasting. – In the Fog by Richard Harding Davis