Synonyms for Flourish:


detailing, embellishment, border, overlay, decor, Patterning. blossom, excerpt, counterpoint, accompaniment, descant, breakbeat, cadence, coda, arpeggio, crescendo, bloom. score, win out, achieve, be a roaring success, go, be/get there. gesticulate, gesture, action, mime, shine, signal, body language, sign, flower. oscillate, vibrate, sway, bounce, swing, wobble, rock, shake, express, sweep, flutter. be in fine/good/excellent fettle, be/feel myself, glow, be/feel/look etc. yourself, be/feel/seem herself, feel/look like a million dollars/bucks, feel up to, be/feel/seem himself, be doing well. cheering (noun)
curlicue, decoration (noun)
garnish, embellishment, sweep.
flourish (noun)
fanfare, Fligh High, boom, get ahead, prosper, wave, brandish, thrive, expand.
ornament (noun)
enrichment, gaudiness, trim, frill, decoration, finery, tinsel, gingerbread, button, adornment, emblem, garnish, ornament, embroidery, trimming, filling, badge, Emblazonment, gewgaw, foofaraw.
ostentation (noun)
garishness, showiness, affectedness, fuss, flashiness, blatancy, snazziness, flamboyance, ornateness, pageantry, grandiosity, shamelessness, vanity, Flagrancy, swaggar, bravado, pomposity, jauntiness, dramatics, pomp, grandiloquence, opulence, Bravura, rakishness, formality, showmanship, boastfulness, sensationalism, histrionics, exhibitionism, parade, dash, ostentation, splashiness, pomp and circumstance, splendor.


change (verb)
expand, boom, thrive.
demonstrate (verb)
display, unmask, expose, uncover, illustrate, convince, unveil, demonstrate, show, manifest, exhibit, evince, present, flaunt, indicate.
grow, prosper (verb)
blossom, flower, succeed, score, thrive, get ahead, expand, bloom, boom, go.
prosper (verb)
progress, succeed, luxuriate, thrive, prosper.
wave about (verb)
flaunt, flutter, brandish, shake, display, swing.

Other synonyms:

blossom, feel up to, counterpoint, breakbeat, excerpt, accompaniment, win out, arpeggio, sign, gesticulate, cadence, body language, gesture, descant, flower. bloom, crescendo, achieve, mime, coda. signal. shine. score. action. go. do well
boom, prosper.
Other relevant words:
descant, signal, bloom, excerpt, wobble, fanfare, coda, wave, express, sway, brandish, rock, Fligh High, blossom, embellishment, shake, be doing well, gesture, flutter, counterpoint, get ahead, gesticulate, boom, achieve, breakbeat, score, action, vibrate, mime, oscillate, go, flower, decor, overlay, sweep, glow, bounce, shine, sign, detailing, Patterning, crescendo, arpeggio, accompaniment, swing, expand, cadence, border, win out.

Usage examples for flourish

  1. " May the sun shine in thy heart and fruits of wisdom flourish there, Effendina," answered David quietly. – The Weavers, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009
  2. They began, however, to influence each other for good or bad and to flourish side by side. – Cathedrals of Spain by John A. (John Allyne) Gade
  3. As a rule they flourish best in hot dry climates. – Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure by William Thomas Fernie