Synonyms for Figure of speech:


cheer, allusion, understatement, euphuism, allegory, synecdoche, simile, parable, irony, aphorism, litotes, hyperbole, malapropism, epic simile, apostrophe, Homeric simile, alliteration, analogue, metonymy, cite, Hysteron Proteron, personification, adumbration, repetition, parallel, satire, oxymoron, battle cry, onomatopoeia, comparison, axiom, paradox, citation, binomial, sarcasm. communication (noun)
image, trope, figure.
figure of speech (noun)
image, trope, figure.
phrase (noun)
expression, metaphor, clause, idiom, Verbalism, cliche, maxim, sentence, paragraph, adage, motto, mannerism, phrase, epigram, phraseology, euphemism, locution, slogan, proverb, terminology, catchphrase.
turn of expression (noun)
comparison, metaphor, simile, understatement, adumbration, allegory, onomatopoeia, analogue, allusion, irony, synecdoche, sarcasm, personification, parallel, paradox, malapropism, euphuism, expression, apostrophe, image, oxymoron, parable, trope, euphemism, hyperbole, litotes, metonymy, alliteration, satire.

Other synonyms:

simile. Other relevant words:
figure, allegory, oxymoron, trope, apostrophe, parable, allusion, adumbration, paradox, image, parallel, litotes, analogue, alliteration, irony, hyperbole, repetition, metonymy, euphuism, understatement, comparison, simile, satire, malapropism, personification, sarcasm, onomatopoeia, synecdoche.