Synonyms for Bandy:


all (adjective)
bowlegged, bowleg, bandy-legged, bowed.


interchange, ambidextrous, fused, digital, fracture, bow-legged, asleep, exchange, flat-footed, give, ingrown. thresh out, words, toss around, thrash out, discuss, hash, talk over, moot, rap. bandy (noun)
kick around, bowlegged, bowed, bowleg, unfit, bandy-legged.
verbal exchange (noun)
discuss, exchange.


communication (verb)
kick around.

Other synonyms:

bow-legged, ingrown, ambidextrous, asleep. flat-footed, digital, fused. moot. exchange, interchange. Other relevant words:
thresh out, digital, bow-legged, moot, rap, ambidextrous, asleep, fused, ingrown, talk over, bowed, interchange, thrash out, give, fracture, hash, discuss, exchange, words, flat-footed, toss around.

Usage examples for bandy

  1. The curse had reached him- in addition to the long, sad nose and the bandy legs. – From One Generation to Another by Henry Seton Merriman