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jerky - 147 results
Other synonyms:

bumpy, headcheese, loony, ability, witless, mad, asinine, claustrophobic, moronic, lunatic, choppy, tight, nonsensical, weak-minded, jerk, uncoordinated, daffy, ungainly, half-baked, imbecilic, jerked meat, screwball, simpleminded, arrhythmic, frank, jerking, awkward, strange, softheaded, crackpot, wooden, foolish, cuckoo, balmy, tug, chipped beef, be all fingers and thumbs, nutty, arrhythmical, senseless, unsteady, dopy, lunkheaded, daft, harebrained, fool, bubbleheaded, featherheaded, kooky, clumsy, robotic, stupid, dork, insane, corned beef, strained, half-witted, gooselike, tomfool, rough, anserine, dippy, uncomfortable, idiotic, goosey, dotty, troubling, goosy, joint, zany, preposterous, heavy, herky-jerky, London broil, ham, unearthly, knowledge, irregular, unwise, unsettling, dopey, loopy, jouncy, silly, absurd, crazy, cold cuts, wacky, cramped, cracklings, inept, brainless, saccade, sappy, fatuous, jolt, unnatural, cockeyed.

Examples of usage:

Mr. Wagge remained a moment in deep thought; then he said, in a gruff, jerky voice: " Seventy- three Comrade Street, So'o. - "Beyond", John Galsworthy.

As the arms are the chief driving power, swimming on the back is at best but a slow, jerky method of proceeding, but if one has not learned to float, it is a good way to rest for a bit in a long swim. - "Healthful Sports for Boys", Alfred Rochefort.

And then Theodore was bowing his little jerky bows, and he was shaking hands with Stock, and with the First Violin. - "Fanny Herself", Edna Ferber.

Similar words:

soda jerk, knee jerk, clean and jerk, knee-jerk reflex, jerez, soda jerker, new jersey, The Jersey Lillie, Jerez De La frontera, capital of new jersey.

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