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gab - 62 results
Other synonyms:

scuttlebutt, chin-wag, prate, rap, table talk, yak, cackle, rumormonger, chin music, backchat, gossiper, tête-à-tête, words, nonsense, waffle, idle talk, natter, gabfest, small talk, spiel, schmooze, chitchat, clack, jaw, jangle, run off at the mouth, confabulation, go on, causerie, chin-wagging, gossip, gossipmonger, tittle-tattle, confab, run on, blabber, rumourmonger, newsmonger, chit-chat, palaver, gas, comment, talk through your hat.

Examples of usage:

He said that with my brain and his " gab" we could improve the efficiency of factories all over America. - "The-Life-of-Me-an-autobiography", Johnson, Clarence Edgar.

In spite of the words about possible " wrath" that may follow the Thracian's boasting, the applause excites him at once to a yet bolder gab. - "The Rhesus of Euripedes", Euripedes.

Gab on, you little varmin, he cried, gab on. - "The Birthright", Joseph Hocking.

Similar words:

line of gab, gaba, gabs.

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