Synonyms for Deceive:


affair, bigamy, adulterous, Adulterer, adultery. double cross, take in, four flush, have, take for a ride, humbug, rip off, beguile, bamboozle, play false, honest, put something over on. fabricate, bend the truth, manufacture, concoct, make up, Misspeak, invent. deceive (noun)
delude, lead astray, betray, lead on, cozen.
dupe (noun)
put one over on.
mislead (noun)
hook, give someone the run-around, bamboozle, come over, snow, hustle, double cross, euchre out of, outwit, palm off, get around, impose upon, finagle, play for a sucker, bleed white, victimize, take advantage of, fleece, pull a fast one, higgle the market, gouge, rope in, lie, gyp, put one over on, sell out, gull, butter up, murphy, pull a quickie, make a sucker out of, scam, not play fair, trip-up, ensnare, nick, play one false, beat out of, beguile, dress up, practice deceit, falsify accounts, take in, do out of, skin, play upon, do in, beat, string along, fake out, pass off, sell a gold brick to, entrap, fast-talk, take to the cleaners, hit below the belt, buffalo, chisel, beguile out of, put on, jive, make a monkey of, lie to, flimflam, rob, hoax, screw out of, take for, sail under false colors, cross up, circumvent, clip, pack the deal, take for a ride, drive to the wall, shake down, pull something, humbug, burn, do up brown, snooker, let in.


communication (verb)
lead astray, betray.
deceive (verb)
delude, dupe, cheat, betray, mislead, swindle, fool, bilk.
dupe (verb)
trick, hoodwink.
mislead; be dishonest (verb)
burn, beat out of, ensnare, take in, swindle, bamboozle, skin, cozen, bilk, gull, fake, hoax, scam, take for, gouge, take advantage of, put on, fool, trick, beguile, hook, dupe, fleece, rob, beat, lead on, cheat, falsify, entrap, clip, hoodwink, buffalo, humbug, betray, victimize, defraud, delude, outwit, impose upon, circumvent, cross up.
misrepresent (verb)
sail under false colors.
misteach (verb)
misadvise, misinform, corrupt, Miseducate, misrepresent, Misteach.
pretend (verb)
counterfeit, forge, show, fake, disguise, impersonate, cover, bluff, stage, affect, masquerade, imitate, defraud, pretend, falsify, claim, pose.

Other synonyms:

ensnare, beguile, finagle, adulterous, Adulterer, fake out, pass off, Misspeak, bamboozle, four flush, adultery. fabricate, entrap, gyp, chisel, scam, rip off, invent, string along, concoct, hoax, circumvent. hustle, manufacture, fleece, take in, gull. jive. put on. make up. beat. lie. have. baffle
double cross, victimize, do out of.
lead on.
pull something.
beguile, fake out, fool, put one over on.
put on.

Usage examples for deceive

  1. And there are others who will not deceive you though they are frightened. – Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France by Stanley J. Weyman
  2. But for the most part she did not deceive herself; her friendship with Stephen Bocqueraz was over. – Saturday's Child by Kathleen Norris