Synonyms for Trap:


harbor, fit, include, have, net, accommodate, spring, cul de sac, contents, house, pit. angling, cast, prank, bite, capture, blood sports, bag, big game. book, arrest, like, breathalyze, safety, apprehend, Breath Test, body search, apprehension, bust, bounty hunter. booby trap, scheme, dirty tricks, hoax. crisis, stress, nightmare, trouble, ordeal, worst-case scenario, attack, battle, tragedy. mouth, barb, dragnet, fishing rod, puss, cockpit, drifter, drift net, creel, fishing line. obstruct, hold back, intercept. flaw, mistake, gaffe, slip, misapprehension, mix up, blunder, error, oversight. chariot, brougham, cab, chaise, coach, buckboard, carriage, caravan, buggy, cart. lock in, shut in, shut away, quarantine, pen in. deception (noun)
decoy (noun)
bait, catch, decoy, lure, mirage, blind.
enclosure (noun)
pen, barrier, confinement, jail, prison, cage, envelopment, enclosure, cell, fence.
opening (noun)
snare, trick (noun)
ambuscade, ruse, plot, net, lure, decoy, dragnet, maneuver, booby trap, artifice, ambush, stratagem, feint, machination, deception, pitfall, bait, subterfuge, ploy, prank, device.
stratagem (noun)
artifice, Trojan Horse, tactics, stratagem, plot, game, maneuver, ruse, dodge, deception, contrivance, wrinkle, pitfall, ploy, feint, subterfuge, device, trick of the trade, trick, trickery, machination.
trap (noun)
ambush, cakehole, lying in wait, sand trap, yap, pin, ensnare, bunker, entrap, snare, immobilise, immobilize, gob, maw, trammel, ambuscade.


catch, snare; trick (verb)
corral, entrap, tangle, enmesh, ensnare, trammel, deceive, dupe.
decoy (verb)
bait, trick, decoy, lure.
enclose (verb)
cover, embrace, hold, confine, imprison, contain, impound, surround, encircle, corral, enclose, encompass, envelop.

Other synonyms:

booby trap, shut away, puss, intercept, shut in. carriage, enmesh, ensnarl, quarantine, pen in, dragnet. lock in, obstruct. tangle. hold back. web. capture. besiege
shut in.
dead end
cul de sac.
oral cavity
Other relevant words:
dragnet, cheat, enmesh, prank, ensnare, immobilize, hoax, gob, arrest, net, pit, puss, pin, lying in wait, ambush, spring, yap, tangle, mouth, carriage, sand trap, snare, deceive, ensnarl, scheme, web, bag, house, intercept, capture, maw, cakehole, booby trap, buggy, entrap, dupe, immobilise, bunker, ambuscade, bite, trammel, quarantine, shut in, apprehend.

Usage examples for trap

  1. You'll keep him here in the trap – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. What drew him to the trap door? – Here and Hereafter by Barry Pain
  3. We were to take the train for Haddington on Hill where the trap would meet us. – Kent Knowles: Quahaug by Joseph C. Lincoln