Synonyms for Give:


throw in, relinquish, give over, dish out, confer, contribute to, make over, sell, adapt, deed, part with, backpedal, subsidize, change your mind, withhold, convert, settle, renounce, lease, shell out, hand down, dole out, negotiate, hand in, move with the times, fob off, hand out, dispose of, revise, capitulate, remit, parcel out, see reason/sense. get behind, help out, benefit, proffer. bend, resist, contract, recede, retreat, let someone know, relay, sag, advise, report, brief, relax, give someone to understand (that), point out, shrink. execute, strike, go about, inflict, pursue, carry out. affect, take effect, shape, interact, transfer, make a difference, impact, come into play. commemorate, read, chair, address, parade, dedicate to, inaugurate, orate, lecture. dose, drug up, drug, perform, administration (of an estate), come off. finance, bear the cost/expense etc., minister, pay out, invest in, administer. aid, community chest, charity, charitable, community service, collection box, alms, What. catch, skew, influence, grip, stir, pack a punch, color, lead to. mandate, give/get the go-ahead, permit, tolerate, say yes, approve. decide, result in, go down, meet, provoke, call forth. outlay, think over, contemplate, think out, save, ponder, take a long hard look at someone/something, plan, take something into consideration, evaluate, assess. try for, press for, struggle, push for, go after. lie with, jump into bed with someone, consummate, bed, be intimate with someone, spend the night with someone, make love, sleep together, sleep with. shatter, splinter, fragment, vouchsafe, disintegrate. malleable, soft, elastic, resilient, pliant, pliable, supple, plastic, yielding, flexible, commend. concentrate, infect, collect, direct, focus, go around, buckle down. sponginess, play, suppleness, measure out, plasticity, pliability, lot, resilience, admeasure, malleability, flexibility, stretch. dramatize, enact, act, performing arts. planned. move. rich. emit, release, give off, give forth, vent, send forth, free, let off. buckle, explosion. tell, uncover, let slip, spill the beans, let the cat out of the bag, unveil, blab, spill, tell-all, betray. attribute (noun)
spring, springiness.
give (noun)
yield, fall in, gift, founder, pay, cave in, return, feed, give way, collapse, move over, generate, ease up, dedicate, springiness, have, consecrate, spring, sacrifice, devote, break, hold, throw, apply, render, commit.
give away (noun)
uncover, let slip, betray.
give in (noun)
give way, submit, capitulate, yield.
give off (noun)
release, vent, emit.
give out (noun)
dish out, hand out, deal, distribute, dole out, impart, allot.
give up (noun)
relinquish, renounce, capitulate, sacrifice.


add (verb)
throw in.
allot (verb)
portion, assign, allow, ration, Mete, budget, segment, distribute, dispense, parcel, allot, split, partition, parcel out, divide, cut, share, slice, apportion, allocate, measure, earmark, set.
communicate (verb)
emit, render, read, issue, supply, vent, impart, transfer.
contribute, supply, transfer (verb)
dish out, commit, relinquish, furnish, allow, subsidize, dispense, grant, award, dole out, deliver, endow, remit, consign, tip, make over, gift, confer, permit, parcel out, provide, present, donate, bestow, vouchsafe, administer, shell out, part with, lease, deed, bequeath, throw in, dispose of, hand down, sell, hand out.
demonstrate, proffer (verb)
minister, yield, offer, return, tender, extend.
give (verb)
attribute, consign, pledge, devote, deliver, award, donate, provide, contribute, fund, supply, pay, expend, dole, lend, disburse, shower, help, serve, bequeath, furnish, send, ascribe, assist, lavish.
offer (verb)
cite, render, present, approach, extend, grant, bid, quote, invite, impart, endow, offer, attempt, issue, bestow, submit, deal, advance, tender.
perform action (verb)
buckle down, direct, apply, throw, address.
reward (verb)
induce, tempt, entice, sweeten, reward, remunerate, tip, lure, treat, honor, compensate.
yield, collapse (verb)
devote, retreat, break, relax, recede, lend, sag, give way, shrink, contract, bend.

Other synonyms:

confer, get behind, commemorate, orate, inaugurate, vouchsafe, help out, come off, drug up, unveil, malleability, lecture, aid, lead to, part with, influence, benefit, admeasure. color, decide, dose, perform, drug, charitable, parade, flexibility, administer, alms, emit, shell out, plasticity, buckle. dramatize, pliability, inflict, infect, resilience, give over, grip, skew. concentrate, vent, make over, release, stir, charity. commend, enact, bend, hand out. administration (of an estate). direct, go around. address. lot. free. buckle down
dedicate to.
parcel out.
hand in.
give out
dish out.
pass on
hand down.
throw away
dispose of.
Other relevant words:
dispose of, emit, flexibility, resilience, give way, bend, relax, pliability, administer, apply, plasticity, yield, transfer, ascribe.

Usage examples for give

  1. Lord, help us, and give us to trust in thee! – Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel by John Yeardley
  2. Well, then, I reckon I'll go back an' not give you what I brought." – The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey
  3. And only the branco could give it back. – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover