Synonyms for Draw:


open (adjective)


caricature, appearance, map, debut, dash off, diagram, display, chart, curtain raiser, etch, act, express, double feature, command performance, booking, model, engrave, pencil, double bill, crayon. shade, rough out, Redraw, fascinate. armed, defuse, decant, arm, duel, pour, armorer, effuse, armament, detonation, deploy, brandish. chain-smoke, light up, let out, ashtray, cold turkey, increase, drain, pump, draw on, cessation, habit, nicotine gum, tap. translate, meet, kin, result in, derive, go down, call forth, decide, provoke. bolt, bar, block off, lock out, jam something open/shut, shut, close off, seal, close up, like, fasten. credit, bank, close, mortgage, pay in, summon, debit, open, educe, evoke, elicit. get together, pay, money, repay, get back, net, yield, gross. captain, bench, captaincy, understand, infer, deduce, reason, judge, draft in, gather, commissioner, deduct, call up, conclude. call, raise, fall back, shuffle, bid, forward, beat a retreat, cut. double, craps, fruit machine, dice, bingo, casino. close season, contest, clash, the Commonwealth Games, challenge, championship, bye, card, cup. stand out, leap off the page, get noticed, stick out, leap out at, shine through, dominate, stare someone in the face, jump out at, stand out in a crowd. carve, mark, mark out, streak, imprint. contrast, check against, dissociate, set against, compare, juxtapose, tell/see the difference, differentiate. designate, vote, randomize, decide on, choose, select, take your pick, opt. crawl, dawdle, ease, fall behind, creep. fish, force out of, worm out of, coax something out of someone, beat out, drag out of, loosen someone's tongue, squeeze out. pluck at, strain, tear at. fish out, wrest. artifact (noun)
attraction (noun)
allurement, pull, charm, fascination, magnetism, lure, attractiveness, gravitation, attraction, traction, allure, temptation, appeal, affinity, enticement.
dentistry (noun)
braces, cavity, cap, crown, amalgam, caries, dentistry, bridge.
draw (noun)
describe, hook, soak up, line, reap, make, standoff, draw and quarter, drag, attraction, draw play, tie, haul, get, depict, haulage, absorb, sop up, trace, lot, pull back, withdraw, suck up, take out, guide, drawing card, disembowel, draw poker, quarter, imbibe, run, cast, hooking, eviscerate, force, pass, outline, draw off, delineate, pull, attractor, puff.
draw back (noun)
draw out (noun)
tie (noun)
tie, standoff.
tie in competition (noun)
tie, standoff.


allure, influence (verb)
invite, fascinate, entice, lure, charm, enchant, call forth, captivate, induce.
attract (verb)
drag, invite, engross, magnetize, captivate, entice, seduce, enchant.
bring (verb)
bear, convey, conduct, adduce, induce, transport, bring, transfer, attract, impart, fetch, carry.
carry (verb)
cognition (verb)
contact (verb)
create a likeness in a picture (verb)
delineate, depict, form, engrave, chart, etch, describe, express, caricature, crayon, paint, profile, trace, frame, pencil, sketch, model, mark, outline.
creation (verb)
deduce (verb)
judge, get, make, infer, conclude, derive.
draw (verb)
depict, illustrate, paint, render, doodle.
extract (verb)
amputate, excavate, remove, eradicate, extricate, withdraw, extract.
motion (verb)
take out.
move something by pulling (verb)
elicit, evoke, lug, extract, educe, drag, draft, tow, convey, attract, haul, hook, tug, gather, pump, tap, carry, drain, yank, bring, magnetize, pick, wrench, fetch, jerk.
outline (verb)
delineate, circumscribe, draft, sketch, profile, frame, silhouette, represent, trace, plan, figure, outline, contour, form.
possession (verb)
pull (verb)
tug, jerk, yank, tow, grab, haul.
take out, extend (verb)
select, choose.

Other synonyms:

craps, curtain raiser, result in, debut, chain-smoke, call forth, brandish, fish out, booking, appearance, engrave, fruit machine, force out of, double feature, double bill, drag out of, ashtray, casino, pay in, armorer, worm out of, command performance, nicotine gum, detonation, Redraw. carve, crayon, wrest, defuse, cessation, armament, deploy, educe, deduce, elicit, light up, mark out, squeeze out, shade, etch, duel, bingo. caricature, infer, drain, debit, deduct, dice, armed, draw on, decide, shuffle. display, judge, pour, yield, get back. derive, get together, translate. streak, imprint, gross, understand, fish, go down, bid, conclude, repay. pay, act. meet, arm. net, credit. gather. mark. raise. open, double. cut. close, call. attract
pull along
draw off.
decide on.

Usage examples for draw

  1. Maybe my hands was big, but they were fast on the draw – Riders of the Silences by Max Brand
  2. He raised his arms to draw her to him, but dropped them heavily. – Out of the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  3. It is from them that you must draw your success, after all. – The Young Man and the World by Albert J. Beveridge