Synonyms for Build:


grow, increase, intensify, strengthen, go up, swell, wax, mount. inaugurate, start-off, trigger, organize, set off, catalyze. silhouette, proportions, profile, formation. configure. augment, extend, proliferate, boost, aggrandize, magnify, rise, burgeon, upsurge, beef up, soar, amplify, run up, escalate, enlarge, multiply, expand, snowball. over, underpin, predicate, root, rest. include, integrate, incorporate. build (noun)
chassis, habitus, material body, establish, anatomy, human body, physical body, figure, soma, construct, shape, bod, Body Build, form, flesh, make, frame, physique.
build up (noun)
assemble, extend, put together, boost, increase, expand, amplify, develop, intensify, enlarge, escalate.
form (noun)
features, shape, physique, mold, figure, structure, form, appearance, configuration.
physical structure, form (noun)
figure, shape, frame, physique, habitus.


construct structure (verb)
compile, form, bring about, forge, carpenter, raise, assemble, make, fabricate, produce, knock together, manufacture, throw together, sculpture, put up, rear, compose, contrive, erect, put together, model, evolve, fashion, throw up.
create (verb)
produce, invent, generate, formulate, develop, originate, fabricate, conceive, create.
creation (verb)
construct, make, establish.
increase, accelerate (verb)
augment, strengthen, magnify, expand, intensify, develop, enlarge, amplify, multiply, escalate, swell, wax, extend, boost, mount, aggrandize.
initiate, found (verb)
constitute, originate, establish, inaugurate, formulate.
produce (verb)
cultivate, mother, execute, manufacture, father.
structure (verb)
compose, construct, frame, constitute, make, arrange.

Other synonyms:

grow, throw together, underpin, put together, upsurge, configure. predicate, silhouette, erect, expand, escalate, enlarge, organize, burgeon, amplify, augment, magnify, snowball, wax. formation, throw up, soar, aggrandize, proliferate, increase, put up. multiply, raise, mount, boost. extend, go up, forge. rise, assemble. body-build
Body Build.
knock together.
put together
put together.

Usage examples for build

  1. When I build I build – The Weavers, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009
  2. I'll be glad when they build it; the floor's going to be made out of stone; like- You mean the bridge? – Pee-wee Harris by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  3. I left my father's home to build up one for myself and another, and never more to return to my father's house and call it my home. – The Bark Covered House or, Back in the Woods Again by William Nowlin