Synonyms for Allay:


talk down, decrease, put someone at (their) ease, put/set someone's mind at ease/at rest, reassure. study at. becalm, settle, balm. allay (noun)
alleviate, soothe, ease, relieve, moderate, reduce, quell, calm, mollify, soften, quiet, pacify, smooth, lessen, compose.


alleviate (verb)
mitigate, moderate, reduce, palliate, assuage, ease, alleviate, relieve, lessen, soothe.
calm (verb)
lull, pacify, appease, tranquilize, placate, still, quell, calm, sedate, quiet, console, cool, compose.
emotion (verb)
relieve, still, ease.
pacify (verb)
hush, ebb, conciliate, soften, defuse, stabilize, smooth, mollify, reconcile.
reduce something, usually a pain or a problem (verb)
ease, mitigate, compose, decrease, assuage, mollify, lessen, pacify, calm, moderate, quiet, alleviate.
satisfy (verb)
quench, satiate, gorge, gratify, fill, saturate, sate, slake, glut, satisfy, stuff, engorge.

Other synonyms:

reassure. becalm. talk down, balm. settle. calm
make peace
Other relevant words:
decrease, balm, reassure, settle, becalm.

Usage examples for allay

  1. " Then come to me afterwards," he said, gently, striving to allay her fierce, self- accusing mood. – The Story Of Kennett by Bayard Taylor
  2. " She will not suffer now," she thought, even as she sent the message that was to allay Lynette's anxiety, and give notice of her whereabouts in case of need. – The Dop Doctor by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
  3. The 'Conseil des prud'hommes' in vain endeavoured to allay the excitement, and they were themselves denounced. – Self Help by Samuel Smiles