Synonyms for Triple:


three (adjective)
triangular, Triadic, deltoid, clover-like, trilateral, ternary.
triple (adjective)
three-ply, treble, Trebled, triplicate, threefold, ternary.


go up, raise, multiply, step up, escalate, soar, go through the roof, increase, add to, by three. composite, trilateral, quadripartite, triune, complicated, triumvirate, Triunity, group, cellular, two-ply. ball boy, ball girl, at-bat, baseball, ball, baseline, batboy, base, ballpark. baulk, HIT, balk, fly, bat, foul, ground out, catch, bunt. great, immense, huge, large, enormous, king-size, wide, high, big, vast. duo, pair, foursome, quartet, couple, pairing, score, four, brace, quintet. three (noun)
triad, trilogy, trimester, three, triptych, tripod, trident, troika, trio, triplet, triangle, clover, deltoid, delta.
three-base hit (noun)
triad (noun)
three, Triunity.
trio/triple (noun)
trilogy, troika, triad, triptych, triangle, triumvirate, triune, triplicate, triplet.
triple (noun)
ternary, three-base hit, treble, threefold, three-bagger, multiple.
triplication (noun)
triune (noun)


change (verb)
increase (verb)
step up, escalate, raise, multiply.
snowball (verb)

Other synonyms:

quadripartite, complicated, Triunity, triumvirate, trilateral, two-ply, triune, cellular. composite. HIT. Other relevant words:
multiple, threefold, three-base hit, triumvirate, increase, treble, Triunity, three-bagger, complicated, triune.

Usage examples for triple

  1. He writes that in 1869 Bismarck learned from Florence that Napoleon was preparing a triple alliance against him, and sent a Prussian officer, Bernhardi, to Madrid. – Studies in Literature and History by Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall
  2. But he looked toward the west, as all men do when their spirits are full of death, and the wan light showed that his chin was triple – Erema My Father's Sin by R. D. Blackmore