Synonyms for Blow up:


argument, disagreement, a war of words, misunderstanding, dispute, controversy, quarrel, conflict, confrontation, fight. burden, inhibit, count against, throttle, let down, hold back, bring up against, disadvantage, embarrass, plague. fill, rip through, blow a hole in something, blow apart, blast, self-destruct, blow off, zap. break, rupture, go off, strike, blow over, blow itself out, thunder. dynamite, bomb, run, destroy, pump up, top off, flood, attack, inflation, swamp, charge. capture, expose, photograph, increase, fix, develop, pap, come out, compose, focus. rage, rave, storm, fume, seethe, have/throw a fit, let off/blow off steam, give vent to, let rip. close up, daguerreotype, microdot, candid, halftone, photomontage, filmstrip, negative, passport photo. blow up (noun)
amplify, embroider, puff, puff up, embellish, enlarge, combust, pad, explode, magnify, dramatise, throw a fit, inflate, aggrandise, dramatize, detonate, aggrandize, lard, puff out.


burst with anger (verb)
rave, rage.
change (verb)
detonate, enlarge, magnify, explode.
explode (verb)
detonate, blast, go off, dynamite, bomb, rupture.
inflate (verb)
pump up, inflate, fill, puff up, enlarge.

Other synonyms:

halftone, photomontage, photograph, top off, daguerreotype, rip through, passport photo. candid, filmstrip, blow apart, self-destruct, blow over, fume, microdot, inflation. pap, zap, pump up, blow off. go off, close up, swamp, seethe, compose, thunder. storm, expose. focus. rage, capture. flood. negative. break, fix, develop. come out, blast. strike. charge. run. expand
puff up.
throw a fit.