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crook - 212 results
bend (verb)

curve, contort, refract, flex, deflect, warp, bend, twist, bow.

curve (verb)

curve, arch, sag, bow, hook, camber, swerve, sweep, round, hang, bend.

Examples of usage:

For, to let the reader into one of the greatest secrets of history, the Nieuw Nederlandts had long been regarded by the whole Yankee race as the modern land of promise, and themselves as the chosen and peculiar people destined, one day or other, by hook or by crook, to get possession of it. - "Knickerbocker's History of New York, Complete", Washington Irving.

How did your nose get that crook in it, by the way. - "Joe Burke's Last Stand", John Moncure Wetterau.

Round and Crook ought to have had them, only they weren't half sharp. - "Orley Farm", Anthony Trollope.

Similar words:

shepherd's crook, serbo-croat, Sir William Crookes, optical crown, southern cross, tau cross, pinion and crown wheel, St Andrews's Cross, St. Andrew's Cross, St. Anthony's Cross.

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