Synonyms for About:


active (adjective)
alert, active.
concerning (adjective)


in an opposite direction (adverb)
backward, back.


back (adverb)
rearward, backwards.


ahead, half-hour, AM, fast, at, after, forward. back, backwards, in relation to, approach, concerned, as for, backward, devoted, in/with regard to, in connection with something, rearward. conservative, speculative, What, perhaps, maybe, bingo, precede. heaving, from side to side, two-way, up and down, Undulating, back and forth, hither and thither, backward and forward, to and fro. down, Against, up, away, outside, onward. along, by, beyond, across, before, apart. attached, Beside, united, alongside, next door, nearby. in, in the round, hedged in with/by, enclosed, landlocked, inside. available, spare, seasonal, on offer, accessible, open, going, vacant, usable, public. about (noun)
hither and thither, regarding, nearby, to and fro, on, surrounding, concerning, Beside.
around (noun)
concerning (noun)
on, Respecting, touching, wherein, Of, concerning, regarding, hereof, thereby.


concerning, relating to (preposition)
in relation to, regarding, touching.
near or close to in position (preposition)
Beside, nearby.
on every side, in every direction (preposition)


respecting (verb)

Other synonyms:

backward, after, What, enclosed, heaving, two-way, onward, to and fro, maybe, devoted, across, surrounding, half-hour, rearward, outside, apart, beyond, along, before, concerned, touching, Of, speculative, bingo, down, hereof, fast, AM, inside, landlocked, perhaps, backwards. by, up, Against, forward, conservative, ahead, in. back. concerning
up on
Other relevant words:
approach, to and fro, AM, enclosed, onward, ahead, touching, fast, perhaps, beyond, down, as for, attached, by, back, rearward, united, concerned, devoted, concerning, up, outside, vacant, surrounding, after, on, going, spare, apart, before, Against, seasonal, hither and thither, wherein, maybe, at, nearby, in, usable, conservative, Beside, open, speculative, hereof, heaving, landlocked, Undulating, precede, accessible, forward, two-way, bingo, alongside, alert, available, What, half-hour, inside, public, Respecting, Of, thereby, across, along, in relation to, backwards, backward, active, regarding.

Usage examples for about

  1. They know all about it. – An Orkney Maid by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  2. So he thought about it. – Suite Mentale by Gordon Randall Garrett
  3. You see, I know all about it. – The Life Everlasting: A Reality of Romance by Marie Corelli