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scanty - 144 results
Other synonyms:

slender, panty, boot-cut, barely, best, baggy, step-in, thin, scrimp, thin, clingy, mere, light, pantie, A-line, pinched, casual, backless, button-down, meagre, excess, bare, skimp, in short supply, big, spare, button-through, scrimpy, only, measly, hand-to-mouth, exiguous, meager, barely sufficient, measly, meagerly.

Examples of usage:

But Seraphin possessed only the scanty experience of a young man, and his knowledge of the world was also very limited. - "The Progressionists, and Angela.", Conrad von Bolanden.

Where three or four dresses constituted the wardrobe of many, three times that number are now considered a scanty supply. - "Routledge's Manual of Etiquette", George Routledge.

We got back into our bags, which were, as stated, wet and beastly, after a scanty supper and tried to sleep, but our feet were wet too, and cold, so that few of us could do more than close our eyes. - "South with Scott", Edward R. G. R. Evans.

Similar words:

scatty, scant, scarey, scabby, scantily, scantily clad, scary, scaly, scaly anteater.

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