Synonyms for Scanty:


all (adjective)
skimpy, bare, spare.
failing (adjective)
few (adjective)
minimum, few, miserly, sparse, scarce, minimal, trifling, negligible, little, piddling, spotty, insufficient, niggardly.
inadequate (adjective)
meager, bare, skimpy, minimal, narrow, exiguous, poor, little, slender, insufficient, stingy, deficient, sparing, scant, thin, sparse, barely sufficient, scrimpy, spare, short.
incomplete (adjective)
unachieved, partial, unsatisfactory, embryonic, patchy, Unaccomplished, insufficient, unfinished, undone, incomplete, fractional, immature, fragmentary, lacking, short, sectional, deficient, Curtailed, segmental, discontinuous, unattained, missing, unfulfilled.
insufficient (adjective)
skimpy, Flyspeck, niggardly, miserly, deficient, stingy, insufficient, meager, poor, sparse, inadequate, scarce.
light (adjective)
tiny, fragmentary, wee.
little (adjective)
narrow, compact, succinct, meager, delicate, little, minute, few, paltry, diminutive, brief, low, small, concise, short, puny.
short (adjective)
small (adjective)
smallish, puny, stingy, small, microscopic, niggardly, compact, pocket, itty-bitty, piddling, paltry, minor, weeny, minimal, bantam, teeny-weeny, teensy, short, modest, beggarly, delicate, nugatory, ungenerous, miniature, dwarfish, diminutive, scant, sparing, spare, wee, deficient, little, miserly, picayune, toy, minute, baby, slight, negligible, tiny, petite, trifling, meager, scrawny, teeny, slim.


baggy, boot-cut, button-through, backless, Clingy, A-LINE, best, casual, button-down. excess, only, thin, measly, big, exiguous, barely, mere. scanty (noun)
meagerly, spare, step in, pantie, meager, meagre, bare, panty.
scarce (noun)
scrimp, barely sufficient, in short supply, slender, pinched, scrimpy, measly, thin.

Other synonyms:

measly. thin. scanty
step in.
Other relevant words:
pantie, mere, big, button-through, slender, measly, panty, excess, pinched, meagerly, button-down, backless, Clingy, best, barely sufficient, baggy, scrimp, casual, boot-cut, scrimpy, bare, only, thin, exiguous, meagre, in short supply, barely, A-LINE.

Usage examples for scanty

  1. But Seraphin possessed only the scanty experience of a young man, and his knowledge of the world was also very limited. – The Progressionists, and Angela. by Conrad von Bolanden
  2. Where three or four dresses constituted the wardrobe of many, three times that number are now considered a scanty supply. – Routledge's Manual of Etiquette by George Routledge
  3. We got back into our bags, which were, as stated, wet and beastly, after a scanty supper and tried to sleep, but our feet were wet too, and cold, so that few of us could do more than close our eyes. – South with Scott by Edward R. G. R. Evans