Synonyms for Limited:


benign (adjective)
exiguous (adjective)
petty, sparse, inadequate.
finite (adjective)
definite, restrained, finite, constrained, confined, specific, bounded, restricted.
infrequent (adjective)
narrow-minded (adjective)
qualified (adjective)
tempered, qualified, reserved, provisional, Albeit, exceptional, conditional, notwithstanding, Stipulated, mitigated.
reduced (adjective)
short (adjective)
small (adjective)
pocket-sized, small-scale.


bloated, collective, accredited, anticompetitive, brisk, business-to-business, brick-and-mortar, business, all-night. inadequate, few, only, scant, cramped, sparse, faulty, poor, minimum, slight, mere, barely, short, insufficient, unsatisfactory. exclusive, within limits, limiting, restrictive, under control, prohibitive. determinate, fixed, definite. narrow-minded, wide, small-minded, little, petty. big. limited (noun)
minor, circumscribed, narrow, modest, pocket-size, moderate, qualified, special, constricted, finite, small-scale, small, controlled, restricted, pocket-sized, incomprehensive, specific, modified, noncomprehensive.


edged (verb)
bounded, outlined, bordered, ringed, edged, contoured, traced, fringed, rimmed.
limited (verb)
ended, terminated, restricted, bound, restrained.
qualified (verb)
Allowed, Excepted, modified.

Other synonyms:

limiting, small-minded, little, determinate, definite, restrictive, small town, unsatisfactory. poor. scarce

Usage examples for limited

  1. That she took up with the various movements of the day was sign merely that she was searching in her limited way for a belief that should bring her peace. – The Damned by Algernon Blackwood
  2. Their number was limited only by what mother and father felt they could afford to feed. – The Enchanted Canyon by Honoré Willsie Morrow
  3. At least I can think of no case of such absolute necessity in human affairs as that free- will should have no part in it, nor of such absolute free- will that no part of the action should be limited and controlled by necessity. – The Note-Books of Samuel Butler by Samuel Butler