Synonyms for Junior:


inferior (adjective)
under, underling, peon, inferior, second, subordinate, dependent, lesser, below, subservient, menial, subject.
junior (adjective)
lesser, inferior, minor, second, secondary, lower.
juvenile (adjective)
fresh, green, budding, adolescent, youthful, callow, young, puerile, inexperienced, boyish, unripe, blooming, younger, pubescent, immature, teenage, girlish.
low (adjective)
below, small.
lower (adjective)
low, lower.
minor (adjective)
casual, accessory, petty, dependent.
subordinate (adjective)
enslaved, servile, Subjected, bound, obedient, submissive, subservient, subject, dependent, unfranchised, subjugated, under, deferent, compliant, enthralled, constrained, supine, subordinate.
young (adjective)
fresh, immature, teenage, blooming, green, pubescent, adolescent, youthful, young, unripe, inexperienced, juvenile, childish, boyish, girlish, callow, puerile, child-like.


blue-collar, emeritus, acting, budding, creative, casual, designate. low, nameless, petty, after, minor league, nee, smalltime, subaltern, small, secondary, namesake, naming ceremony, initial, assignment, lower, by, over, Of. conference, club, blue, back, backfield, boy, center forward, all-American, ballplayer, center. BMP, fresher, auditor, alum, alumna, campus, Big Man on Campus, COED, alumnus, dropout. cowboy, designated hitter, career woman, desk person, duty officer, apparatchik, commuter, breadwinner. sonny, son, dude, bud, buddy, man, BRO, sport, buster, mate. youth culture. adolescent (noun)
minor, teen, young man, young woman, youth, teenager, juvenile, adolescent.
assistant (noun)
assistant, aide-de-camp, second, functionary, helper, associate, patsy, hireling, accomplice, backer, minion, agent, extra, lieutenant, subordinate, attorney, proxy, accessory, servant, stooge, adjunct, flunky, henchman, ancillary, auxiliary, abettor, partner, follower, acolyte, chaperone, employee, menial, underling, attendant, aide, laborer, Aider, benefactor, helpmate, deputy.
boy (noun)
sonny, youth.
inferior (noun)
deputy, underling, minion, subaltern, subject, follower, attendant, hireling, auxiliary.
male child (noun)
servant (noun)
subject, worker, pawn, hand, vassal, peon, chattel, help, aid, serf, helping hand, volunteer.
subordinate (noun)
undergraduate (noun)


subordinate (verb)
lower, younger.

Other synonyms:

workmate, naming ceremony, namesake, counterpart, youth culture, nee, colleague, initial, co-worker, opposite number, nameless, smalltime. minor league. low, Of, small. by. after. relief. lad
male child

Usage examples for junior

  1. Douglas, she had heard, was an immensely wealthy man; possibly the junior partner was wealthy, too; and if so, the parlor chamber to which she had at first objected was none too good for his aristocratic bones. – Maggie Miller by Mary J. Holmes
  2. Had the elder dreamt of the views of his junior he would have abandoned his dearest hopes in utter despair. – Precaution by James Fenimore Cooper
  3. Every junior man seems to think that he is necessary to the bank. – A Canadian Bankclerk by J. P. Buschlen