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edge (adjective)

edge, peripheral, coastal, brim, ringing, rimming, boundary, fringe, border, marginal.

extreme (adjective)

intense, excessive, radical, drastic, severe.

Other synonyms:

monstrous, rabid, profuse, overkill, furthest, overweening, far, grave, fabulous, abysmal, exaggerated, devilish, supreme, rigorous, total, absurd, outmost, nonsensical, sharp, extremum, odd, unreasonable, aspect, super, awful, outlying, distant, preposterous, overabundant, cautious, revolutionary, primitive, way-out, unmitigated, furthermost, overdue, unmerciful, extravagant, inordinate, advanced, violent, overextravagant, sheer, almighty, out of the ordinary, thorough, serious, childish, extreme point, concern, ultimate, immeasurable, outrageous, irrational, hysterical, intolerable, unconscionable, the contrary, final, perverse, unqualified, moderate, fanatical, utmost, facet, uttermost, strict, far-out, original, isolated, undue, the reverse, irresponsible, desperate, better, remotest, restrained, component, big, flagrant, offbeat, outermost, stiff, wrong, insane, profound, exotic, nature, fancy, opposite, baroque, essential, the converse, unique, steep, antithesis, intense, politics, peculiarity, excess, ingrained, unsurpassable, native, fundamental, absolute, immoderate, dire, overzealous, remarkable, natural, factor, towering, acute, obverse, balance, exorbitant, inaccessible, fanatic, negation, revolutionist, improper, intemperate, ultra, thoroughgoing, property, constitutional, plethoric, entire, unconventional, quality, pole, ridiculous, overmuch, away, positive, organic, notable, farthermost, opposition, imprudent, surprising, fantastic, farthest, unusual, special, apart, complete, feature, lavish, transcendent, remote, extremist, gross, lonely, perfect, innate, last.

Examples of usage:

I am putting extreme cases. - "Frank H. Nelson of Cincinnati", Warren C. Herrick.

It is hard to form an idea of the extreme care with which this was done. - "The Hunters of the Ozark", Edward S. Ellis.

In 1596 Burghley, in extreme old age, was a factor no longer to be taken into much consideration. - "Raleigh", Edmund Gosse.

Similar words:

extreme point, extreme unction, extreme right-winger, extrude, extremely, extremely high frequency, extremely low frequency, extract, pedal extremity.

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