Synonyms for Bulky:


burly (adjective)
huge (adjective)
Unhandy, high, big, long, hulking, colossal, enormous, mammoth, massive, unmanageable, large, hefty, immense, voluminous, cumbersome, awkward, heavy, unwieldy.
large (adjective)
comprehensive, colossal, baggy, expansive, impressive, vast, extensive, princely, roomy, gargantuan, copious, elephantine, generous, mammoth, giant, great, immense, majestic, prodigious, enormous, huge, gigantic, humongous, grandiose, big, massive, tremendous, magnificent, spacious, cavernous, towering, lofty, awesome, soaring, grand, large, ample, capacious, sizable, voluminous.
overweight (adjective)
fat, stout.
size (adjective)
voluminous, portly, chunky, expansive, wide, corpulent, high, extensive, great, large, big, measurable, amplitudinous, sizable, dimensional, broad, long, magnificent.
strong (adjective)
thick (adjective)
wide, broad, expansive, thick.


king-size. oversize, oversized. stout, hulking, hulky, heavy, husky, hefty. clumsy, unmanageable, unwieldy, easy, awkward, Unhandy, ungainly. bulky (noun)
cumbersome, enormous, large, mammoth, hefty, big, colossal, unwieldy, heavy, voluminous, unmanageable, awkward, immense, hulking, huge, massive.
massive (noun)
cumbersome, fat, heavy.

Other synonyms:

oversized, fat, hulky, oversize. hulking, unmanageable, unwieldy. clumsy, ungainly, Unhandy. stout. awkward. weighty
Other relevant words:
cumbersome, clumsy, heavy, hefty, hulky, ungainly, husky, hulking, stout, awkward, Unhandy, oversize, unmanageable, king-size, fat, unwieldy, oversized.

Usage examples for bulky

  1. She was a young girl not more than eighteen, and she struggled with two or three brown paper parcels, a hat- box, and a bulky hand- bag. – The Man Who Knew by Edgar Wallace
  2. Our money, being so bulky was in bags scattered about among all the baggage, but we always had one store- bag in my box, and my husband had some for current expenses. – Southern Arabia by Theodore Bent Mabel Bent
  3. From the bulky figure at the horse's head came a chuckle. – Cap'n Warren's Wards by Joseph C. Lincoln