Synonyms for Glutinous:


semi-liquid (adjective)
pulpy, soupy, clammy, clotted, gummy, gelatinous, semi-liquid, tacky, viscous, buttery, sticky, viscid, ropy.
viscous (adjective)
gelatinous, mucilaginous, gooey, viscid, viscose, clammy, ropy, gluey, adhesive.


solid, viscose. glutinous (noun)
gummy, mucilaginous, adhesive, viscous, viscid, sticky, pasty, gluey.
sticky (noun)
gooey, self-adhesive, stick on.

Other synonyms:

viscose. adhesive
gooey, self-adhesive, stick on.
Other relevant words:
gooey, solid, pasty, stick on, self-adhesive, gluey, viscose, mucilaginous, adhesive.

Usage examples for glutinous

  1. He pricked this root several times with the needle, and on each occasion there issued from it a white, glutinous liquid. – The Wandering Jew, Book II. by Eugene Sue