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solid (adjective)

firm, solid, concrete, physical, stable, substantial, hard, set.

dense (adjective)

compact, cohesive, thick, solid.

tight (adjective)

rigid, taut, firm, snug, tense, tight, secure, stiff.

Other synonyms:

muffled, stupid, intemperate, senseless, mindless, luxuriant, serried, great, labored, big, doubtful, empty-headed, bushy, dopey, involved, ho-hum, lamebrain, slow, intricate, brain-dead, rank, airborne, buddy-buddy, load, deadening, weighed down, dark, impenetrable, muted, confused, dim, grueling, algal, wearisome, hidden, jam-packed, operose, duncical, ability, vacuous, unintelligent, brainless, busy, shadowy, packed, blockheaded, lumbering, chuckleheaded, complex, indistinct, speechless, dimwitted, chummy, ignorant, grave, grievous, enigmatical, complicated, darksome, dorky, dim-witted, cloudy, fleshy, large, thick-skulled, net, difficult, ambiguous, abstruse, bulging, airheaded, slurred, sullen, subdued, tighten, wooden-headed, unsmart, turbid, tedious, blast, hebetudinous, contorted, congested, duncish, airless, thickheaded, profuse, enceinte, overweight, arduous, aquatic, incomprehensible, jammed, dead weight, atmosphere, slow-witted, bare, counterweight, aromatic, concentrated, clayey, oafish, boneheaded, dusky, bubbleheaded, fatuous, elaborate, gravid, half-witted, simple-minded, lush, profound, airy, black, creeping, lunkheaded, silent, airflow, biennial, heavyset, dimmed, air, obscure, opaque, weak-minded, mute, laborious, irksome, teeming, soft, expectant, compact, stocky, dunderheaded, pinheaded, witless, threatening, boring, heavy, wakeless, bonehead, softened, obtuse, breathable, muddy, tiresome, softheaded, backbreaking, arboreal, simple, dumb, thick, deep, mysterious, with child, nett, bleak, gruelling, dull, loggerheaded, purblind, vague, density, toilsome, silly, faint, sound, current, knuckleheaded, barren, wispy, androgynous, light, cramped, full, laboured, unintelligible, thudding, close, sonorous, lowering, idiotic, fatheaded, birdbrained, cloggy, lightweight, punishing, gormless, crowded, thickset, confusing.

Examples of usage:

It meant that this was our last chance; but, to my surprise, it did not snow much, the clouds being mostly a dense mist. - "Among the Canadian Alps", Lawrence J. Burpee.

He was silent and discouraged, while the shade grew still more dense, and complete darkness covered him. - "En Route", J.-K. (Joris-Karl) Huysmans.

However, as only a few at a time could force their way into the dense tangle, the Delawares drove them back with a deadly volley of arrows. - "Spotted Deer", Elmer Gregor.

Similar words:

dense blazing star, dense-leaved elodea, Egeria Densa, denude, denver, dented, Saint Denis, St. Denis, Ruth Saint Denis.

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