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reliable (adjective)

dependable, trustworthy, reliable.

dense (adjective)

compact, cohesive, thick, dense.

solid (adjective)

dense, set, concrete, hard, stable, substantial, firm, physical.

hard (adjective)

hard, firm, rigid, callous, stiff.

continuous (adjective)

consecutive, uninterrupted, regular.

Other synonyms:

reliable, reasoned, undiversified, vigorous, strong, coltish, unpatterned, endless, just, clear-headed, sure, opaque, build, fixed, wholesome, substantialness, harsh, unvaried, upstanding, cubic, linear, consentaneous, inflexible, physique, impregnable, resist, well-founded, continuing, proportions, straightforward, consentient, permeable, commonsensical, good, astringent, monochromic, frame, fast, stalwart, balanced, cogent, bullnecked, unharmed, continual, cheering, hearty, matter, ridged, parallel, immobile, commonsense, dry, massive, monochrome, secure, unbroken, solidified, unattackable, unceasing, agree, responsible, self-colored, unassailable, robust, practical, unfaltering, self-coloured, built, noble, congealed, strict, semisolid, frozen, homogenous, hale, realistic, tight, beefy, silhouette, honorable, grounded, impermeable, trusty, clean, profile, well-grounded, valid, tried-and-true, absorbent, solid-state, rational, warm, rock-hard, substance, truehearted, stubborn, forever, burly, brawny, sober, justified, photosensitive, longitudinal, tough, square, impure, levelheaded, three-dimensional, unerring, hard, stout, worthy, faithful, full-blooded, precise, indefinite, solid as a rock, right, figure, unhurt, jellied, honourable, big, barrel-chested, trustable, porous, bent, pragmatic, forceful, potent, medium, asymmetrical, safe, solidity, bulbous, impenetrable, iron, lusty, diagonal, unbendable, sensible, unyielding, committed, rooted, unanimous, perfect, formation, mature, impervious, chunky, inviolable, tried, logical, powder, serpentine, sound, commonsensible, dependable, unhollowed, jelled, continue, oblique, reason, concentric, red-blooded, accurate, coagulated, closed, unwavering, diehard, trustworthy, concave, informed, substantial, packed, unfluctuating, incompressible, self, exact, correct, firm, trust, aerodynamic, homogeneous, specific, stuff, concentrate, form, shape, straight, irresistible, wax, substantiality, heavy-duty, reasonable, satisfying, plain, angular, concrete, solidness, unshakable, calculable, agent, unfailing, comforting, unscathed, loyal.

Examples of usage:

At the edge the prince paused, then he dropped the ball into the water, and it sank, for it was solid and heavy. - "The Faery Tales of Weir", Anna McClure Sholl.

Andrew was a solid and matter- of- fact person. - "For the Allinson Honor", Harold Bindloss.

The business of the country is now on a solid basis. - "Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present", Various.

Similar words:

sold, sold-out, solan, solea, Solan Goose, solar power, solar trap, solar year, solar array, solar battery.

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