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coincident - 87 results
coinciding (verb)

contemporary, concurring.

Examples of usage:

Coincident with the pressure of Tom's fingers there seemed to be a veritable earthquake. - "Tom Swift and his Giant Cannon or, The Longest Shots on Record", Victor Appleton.

If we are walking along a road and find poles set up at regular intervals, we continue our walk expecting to find a pole coincident with the end of each interval. - "Logic, Inductive and Deductive", William Minto.

Yet we must not overlook the frequency of dreams, even of a striking character, which may once or twice in a million times actually hit on the coincident event. - "Occultism and Common-Sense", Beckles Willson.

Similar words:

coincidence, coincidental, coincidently, coinciding, coincides, Coincided, coincide, coincidences, coincidentally.

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