Synonyms for Plaid:


checkered (adjective)
tartan, variegated, checked.
fabric (adjective)
chintz, broadcloth, chiffon, oilcloth, serge, tulle, fabric, orlon, flannel, velvet, sharkskin, quilting, alpaca, calico, challis, crinoline, foulard, duffel, denim, corduroy, baize, bunting, cambric, tweed, damask, felt, velour, percale, paisley, matting, linen, madras, gabardine, cashmere, brocade, canvas, wool, moleskin, tarpaulin, twill, horsehair, silk, acrilan, chenille, seersucker, cheesecloth, grenadine, astrakhan, sacking sailcloth, tricot, gingham, muslin, Celanese, nylon, jersey, satin, cotton, fleece, rayon, lame, net, worsted, batik, herringbone, suede, crepe, sateen, taffeta, mohair, burlap, longcloth, gossamer, dacron.
multicolored (adjective)
parquet, mosaic, varicolored, variegated, polychromatic, kaleidoscopic, rainbow, tartan, harlequin, checkered, marble, Striated, checked, freckled, motley, multicolor, calico, flecked, dappled, streaked, striped, patchwork, Parti-colored, Dichromic, colorful, tessellated.
patterned (adjective)


Scotch Highland plaid, kilt, check, pinstripe, Highland plaid, mesh, crossbarred cloth, gauze, lace, checkered cloth, netting, cloth, Filibeg. sporran, dress, national costume, tam-o'-shanter, kimono, national dress, caftan, loincloth. artifact (noun)
collage (noun)

Other synonyms:

netting, caftan, national costume, tam-o'-shanter, sporran, national dress, kilt, kimono, loincloth. mesh, lace, gauze, pinstripe. dress, check. Other relevant words:
kimono, check, pinstripe, netting, lace, sporran, cloth, dress, gauze.

Usage examples for plaid

  1. " She would like best the red and blue plaid – Hildegarde's Harvest by Laura E. Richards
  2. The groom was attired in the niftiest shepherd- plaid suit I ever beheld. – I Married a Ranger by Dama Margaret Smith