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dubious - 121 results
unreliable (adjective)

undependable, questionable, untrustworthy, unreliable.

Examples of usage:

While this dubious colloquy was fresh in his thoughts, it chanced that Sylvester De Vine, responding to the invitation he had thrown out at the races, trudged up to the manor to see him. - "True and Other Stories", George Parsons Lathrop.

Scanlon was impressed; but at the same time there was a dubious look in his eye. - "Ashton-Kirk, Criminologist", John T. McIntyre.

When she was gone, and they had exchanged that dubious look, Lady Valleys said: I came about Babs. - "The Patrician", John Galsworthy.

Similar words:

Tragopogon Dubius, Leptoptilus Dubius, dubiously, Trifolium Dubium, Dubois Heyward, Edwin Dubois Hayward, dubiety.

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