Synonyms for Motley:


assorted (adjective)
varied, diverse, sundry.
checkered (adjective)
patchwork, plaid.
colorful (adjective)
bright, prismatic.
complex (adjective)
mosaic, manifold, multifarious, multiplex.
dappled (adjective)
Versicolored, checkered, Parti-colored, piebald, pied, flecked.
different (adjective)
heterogeneous (adjective)
motley (adjective)
multicolor, kaleidoscopic, Versicolor, mixed, multicolored, polychromatic, prismatic, rainbow, assorted, diversified, various, dappled, heterogeneous, multiform, varicolored, variegated, miscellaneous.
mottled (adjective)
multicolored (adjective)
flecked, polychromatic, harlequin, tartan, calico, freckled, patchwork, rainbow, mosaic, Dichromic, varicolored, dappled, tessellated, Striated, colorful, marble, streaked, kaleidoscopic, parquet, multicolor, checked, plaid, striped, variegated, Parti-colored, checkered.
patterned (adjective)
various (adjective)
diversified, complex, many-sided, variegated, Multifold, Diversiform, multiplex, multiform, assorted, Heteromorphous, polymorphous, diverse, multifarious, sundry, manifold, multiphase, various, polymorphic, multifaceted.


balanced, cohesive, jumbled, graded, integrated, combined, complementary. Versicolored, colors, Versicolor, polychromic, Polychromous, polychrome. collage (noun)
miscellany (noun)
motley (noun)
heterogenous, varicolored, variegate, mixed, colorful, colored, miscellaneous, multicolour, in color, miscellanea, mixed bag, miscellany, particoloured, multicolored, painted, potpourri, piebald, particolored, coloured, pied, parti-color, salmagundi, multicoloured, variety, assorted, assortment, mixture, heterogeneous, sundry, vary, varicoloured, multicolor.
varicolored (noun)
bright, prismatic.


change (verb)
variegate, vary.
varied (verb)

Other synonyms:

polychrome, Polychromous, Versicolor, Versicolored, polychromic. divers, varied.

Usage examples for motley

  1. The vehicle was forced to stop, and Gombert stood up and overlooked the motley throng surrounding it. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. I think-" " Did you hear that speech he made to the motley and their friends last Monday night? – Andrew the Glad by Maria Thompson Daviess
  3. Of course the emigrants formed rather a motley band. – Charlie to the Rescue by R.M. Ballantyne