Synonyms for Colored:


all (adjective)
colorful, coloured.
bright (adjective)
colorful (adjective)
florid, vivid, lurid, rainbow-like, chromatic, spectral, inky, rich, stained, hued, shaded, colorful, intense, High-colored, full-colored, garish, brilliant, dyed, painted, gaudy, bright-hued, tinted.
distorted (adjective)
false, one-sided, perverted, biased, partial.
not white (adjective)
hued, flushed, stained, tinted, washed, tinged, shaded, glowing, dyed.
rubicund (adjective)
shaded (adjective)


coolie, brown, cracker, eskimo, indian, dago, coon, canuck, bronze. bloodless, bronzed, Complected, albino, Complexioned, color. colored (noun)
bicolour, bichrome, varicolored, in color, bicolor, polychromatic, motley, tinged, colored person, multicolored, polychromic, reddened, bicolored, auburn, coloured, unfair, unreal, blueish, bay, bluish, trichromatic, ginger, empurpled, multicolor, flushed, particoloured, piebald, roan, blackened, multicoloured, reddish, red, gingery, multicolour, black, reddish brown, monochromic, monochromous, purple, aflame, painted, dark, bleached, pied, monochrome, red-faced, one-sided, monochromatic, dark-skinned, partial, polychrome, crimson, bicoloured, colorful, dyed, hued, touched, tricolor, blue, biased, particolored, varicoloured, tinted, trichrome, slanted, dichromatic, artificial.


colored (verb)
variegated (verb)
dappled, flecked, checkered, tessellated, striped, Striated, streaked, freckled, marbled, checked, colorized.

Other synonyms:

bronzed, brunette, bold, fair-haired, eskimo, Flaxen, dago, canuck, coolie, blond, color-coded. coon. cracker, glowing, brown, false. bloodless, indian, chintzy. cold, color. reddish-brown
reddish brown.

Usage examples for colored

  1. Paul looked down the river, and saw two dark- colored boats. – Winning His Way by Charles Carleton Coffin
  2. They colored up, too; and pretty quick they began to slip away, one by one, till there wasn't anybody left but just me, just as they used to do in Boston. – Mary Marie by Eleanor H. Porter
  3. Why, nobody lives here but an old colored man who works for us; and he hasn't any children! – Buttercup Gold and Other Stories by Ellen Robena Field