Synonyms for Team:


wear, slip into, pull on, put on, foursome, clothe, trio, cover up, try on, wrap up, dress, get dressed, organization. boy, conference, center, backfield, contingent, all-American, blue, back, unit, ballplayer, side, center forward. class, committee, tandem, rig, consortium, clinic, board. corps, flight, gaggle, community. meet, play, face, enter, take up, duel, contest, represent, race, ride. crew (noun)
cadre, herd, school, cell, tribe, aggregation, cabal, outfit, force, fleet, union, band, gang, drove, coterie, junta, bunch, flock, nest, posse, hive, retinue, company, mob, collection, clique, coalition, fellowship, complement, body, crew, fraternity, detail, brigade, clan, colony, wing, squad, bevy, litter, battalion, staff, division, phalanx, regiment, party, pack, set, platoon, troupe, ring, crowd, assembly, circle, troop, sect, league, faction, assemblage, covey, detachment, army, group, caucus, host, society, club, string.
duality (noun)
dyad, yoke, twosome, pair, couplet, brace, duo, two, span, match, couple, doublet, duet.
expedition (noun)
group (noun)
group, crew (noun)
organization, tandem, duo, trio, unit, span, faction, foursome, bunch, string, squad, band, gang, party, outfit, yoke, pair, troop, rig, company, sect, side, body, troupe, aggregation, club, contingent, set.
school of thought (noun)
team (noun)
team up, squad.


competition (verb)
team up.

Other synonyms:

unit, organization. quartet
Other relevant words:
foursome, rig, organization, consortium, side, trio, corps, brace, team up, contingent, tandem, unit.

Usage examples for team

  1. " You're not in such a hurry with that team he said. – The Cow Puncher by Robert J. C. Stead