Synonyms for Hypothetical:


abstract (adjective)
philosophical, ideal, transcendental, transcendent.
academic (adjective)
assumed (adjective)
conjectural (adjective)
assumed, Suppositive.
expected (adjective)
hypothetic (adjective)
hypothetical (adjective)
assumptive, presumptive, suppositional, conjectural, academic, casual, vague, provisory, contingent, imaginary, imagined, indefinite, suspect, equivocal, pretending, uncertain, indeterminate, speculative, conditional, disputable, theoretical, debatable, doubtful, theoretic, questionable.
imaginary (adjective)
fantastic, made-up.
supposed (adjective)
suppositional, Suppositive.
suppositional (adjective)
imaginary, suppositional, speculative, Prophesied, fantastic, presumed, theoretical, conjectural.
topical (adjective)
topical, axiomatic, thematic, basic, conceptual, subject, theoretical.


fictitious, pretended, mock, simulated, false, made-up, synthetic, fake. academic, philosophical. inferential, belief, Suppositive, presumptive. hypothetical (noun)
theoretic, theoretical, hypothetic.

Other synonyms:

questionable, made-up, simulated, mock, pretended. fictitious, inferential, synthetic, academic, transcendental, uncertain. transcendent. fake, false. abstract. assumptive
taken for granted

Usage examples for hypothetical

  1. The defense advocate paused and carefully framed a hypothetical question to be answered by the witness as a medical expert. – The Law of Hemlock Mountain by Hugh Lundsford
  2. Mrs Piper made no statements, as the use of that word suggests, concerning the source of her knowledge; she expressed her preference for one of two hypothetical explanations of the origin of that knowledge. – Mrs. Piper & the Society for Psychical Research by Michael Sage
  3. The escalators weren't running, and we weren't going to alert any hypothetical ambush by starting them. – Four-Day Planet by Henry Beam Piper