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Other synonyms:

branch, mannequin, mortal, assort, part, being, bod, sort out, miscellanea, mortal, flesh, behavior, split, split up, baby, diversity, bird, furcate, clear, port, form, character, affiliate, character, sorting, change, authentication, appearance, secernate, correct, tell, customer, soul, specimen, scout, variant, manakin, deploy, work out, signifier, enlighten, soma, head, configuration, assortment, way, illuminate, carriage, the many, soul, test, ramify, manikin, creature, layer, distinguish, heap, variety, cross section, manner, party, human being, salmagundi, variety show, society, ABEND, crystalize, cookie, build, relegate, duck, single out, lay out, fork, body, differentiate, miscellany, man, class, phase, wight, person, like, associate, discriminate, sieve, look, your fellow man/men, multifariousness, scout, classify, baby, include, separate, discipline, crystallise, stiff, thing, cookie, egg, dissever, customer, individual, party, surmount, devil, demeanor, air, individual, smorgasbord, genre, divide, clear up, disunite, duck, mien, physique, elucidate, guy, like, handle, bearing, nature, break, severalise, manage, descriptor, AI, come apart, authoring, specimen, folk, thing, artificial intelligence, kidney, access time, pattern, devil, bird, human body, body, cope, conformation, fall apart, slob, screen, crystallize, guy, mannikin, dispose, screen out, straighten out, range, human being, pile, head, lot, face, categorisation, fashion, batch, slob, being, collect, overcome, figure, anatomy, person, severalize, motley, genre, var., man, fish, grouping, mixed bag, personage, course, kidney, alpha test, carry off, word form, diverseness, get through, consort, winnow, carve up, background processing, break up, egg, physical body, potpourri, creature, life, shrug off, stiff, tell apart, expression, life, human, kind, wight, block out, A-D conversion, material body, fish, riddle, face, secern, contour, chassis, shield, description, shed light on, categorization, mixture, crystalise, humanity, personage.

Examples of usage:

5013. Are there many of that sort? - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.

When you was with him it use' to be that you sort o' wanted to stay- an' it seemed the same way now. - "Friendship Village", Zona Gale.

You have done nothing of the sort. - "The New Magdalen", Wilkie Collins.

Similar words:

sort of, sort out, sorb, sore, sorb apple, sorb apple tree, sore throat, sore-eyed, septic sore throat.

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