Synonyms for Sort:


alpha test, artificial intelligence, access time, ABEND, authoring, background processing, batch, description, A-D conversion, ai, authentication. get through, work out, handle, collect, shrug off, manage, surmount, cope, carry off, overcome. dispose, range, layer, pile, lay out, deploy, heap. human, society, your fellow man/men, the many, humanity, folk, winnow, include. grouping, cross-section, lot, nature. category (noun)
line, people, clan, series, kingdom, denomination, caste, level, Family, breed, make, step, phylum, species, kind, genus, designation, classification, mold, grain, degree, stripe, stock, feather, persuasion, strain, category, variety, taxonomy, race, genotype, ilk, style.
character (noun)
sort (noun)
classify, class, kind, sorting, form, sieve, separate, sort out, assort, variety, screen out, screen.
type, variety (noun)
brand, breed, lot, genus, species, Family, race, ilk, array, description, order, nature, category, set, stripe, kind, group, stamp, class, denomination, make, batch, style.


categorize (verb)
brand, stamp, designate, assort, label.
order (verb)
design, classify, stratify, chart, plot, grade, systematize, devise, orchestrate, structure, unsnarl, group, regulate, schedule, rate, unify, adjust, frame, marshal, prepare, harmonize, set, normalize, mediate, sift, place, balance, arrange, plan, form, cast, settle, rank, establish, right, score, subordinate, Methodize, support, categorize, control, rationalize, scheme, stabilize, shape, separate, integrate, screen, compose, maintain, array, organize, collate, program, pigeonhole, order, schematize, class, fix, type.
place in order (verb)
categorize, assort, grade, systematize, classify, separate, screen, sift, arrange, winnow, rank, pigeonhole.
sequence (verb)
concatenate, follow, align, string, succeed, progress, queue, sequence, thread, chain, link.

Other synonyms:

heap, lay out, grouping. layer, winnow, deploy. dispose, pile, cross-section. range. description. lot. categorize
Other relevant words:
nature, heap, pile, lot, deploy, grouping, screen out, batch, range, sort out, sieve, sorting, lay out, winnow, dispose, description.

Usage examples for sort

  1. When you was with him it use' to be that you sort o' wanted to stay- an' it seemed the same way now. – Friendship Village by Zona Gale
  2. You have done nothing of the sort – The New Magdalen by Wilkie Collins