Synonyms for Justify:


certify, clear, point to, acquit, show, make/prove your/a point, vouch for, assert. capitalise, galley, bear out, font, verify, full page, dotted line, capitalize, bold, prove, copperplate, format. right. call for, occasion. back, evidence, substantiate, authenticate, true, corroborate, attest, testify, validate. account for. justify (noun)
apologize, free, rationalise, apologise, vindicate, excuse, absolve, rationalize, warrant.


account (verb)
account, clarify, describe, rationalize, explain, explicate.
communication (verb)
plead (verb)
beg, excuse, allege, plead.
pleading (verb)

Other synonyms:

attest, palliate. verify, make good, validate, authenticate, confirm. corroborate. substantiate, testify. maintain. back. absolve
account for.
bear out.
Other relevant words:
attest, corroborate, verify, brief, prove, testify, maintain, countenance, favor, palliate, make good, validate, substantiate, free, authenticate, warrant, acquit, back, call for, stand up for, assert, exculpate, answer for, advocate, vindicate, rationalise, account for, apologise, champion, clear, apologize, confirm, sustain, evidence, occasion, bear out, support, absolve.

Usage examples for justify

  1. You," his violet- blue eyes suddenly sought the other man's, " you won't think I am trying to excuse any such thing as was done to you or to justify my part." – From the Car Behind by Eleanor M. Ingram
  2. But, you see, you will have to do your utmost to justify the stand that Mr. Rivers and myself have taken. – The Boy With the U. S. Survey by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  3. Something else had to be added to justify the expedition. – The Life and Times of Ulric Zwingli by Johann Hottinger