Synonyms for Magnificent:


all (adjective)
glorious, splendid, brilliant.
amazing (adjective)
beautiful (adjective)
glorious, wonderful (adjective)
magnanimous, grandiose, sublime, exalted, outstanding, grand, high-minded, noble, Magnific, luxurious, brilliant, stately, sumptuous, STANDOUT, gorgeous, imposing, lofty, proud, radiant, splendid, majestic, towering, impressive, chivalric.
large (adjective)
grandiose, gigantic, copious, spacious, elephantine, enormous, soaring, awesome, huge, tremendous, vast, towering, prodigious, ample, bulky, impressive, big, large, sizable, expansive, princely, mammoth, humongous, capacious, baggy, colossal, majestic, great, extensive, massive, lofty, grand, voluminous, generous, comprehensive, immense, cavernous, gargantuan, roomy, giant.
noble (adjective)
high-minded, noble, chivalric, magnanimous.
size (adjective)
measurable, big, high, chunky, amplitudinous, corpulent, large, sizable, voluminous, bulky, broad, extensive, portly, expansive, wide, great, long, dimensional.


distinguished, commendable, enviable, praiseworthy, admirable, awe-inspiring, noteworthy, respected. luxurious, sumptuous, beautiful, radiant. proud, Splendorous, gorgeous. lordly, imposing, noble, sublime, baronial, good, stately, Magnific. rare, unusual, remarkable, STANDOUT, preeminent, uncommon, extraordinary, exceptional, usual, better, singular, outstanding, out of sight. grand (noun)
magnificent (noun)
glorious, splendid, brilliant, impressive.

Other synonyms:

out of sight, STANDOUT, beautiful, noble, baronial, Splendorous, Magnific. stately, extraordinary, preeminent, sublime, imposing, exceptional. remarkable, lordly, outstanding, uncommon, gorgeous. rare. singular. unusual, proud. costly
Other relevant words:
sumptuous, imposing, better, out of sight, lordly, baronial, glorious, STANDOUT, noteworthy, enviable, magnanimous, preeminent, high-minded, Splendorous, exceptional, radiant, luxurious, respected, distinguished, uncommon, admirable, proud, commendable, splendid, chivalric, usual, gorgeous, noble, outstanding, rare, good, Magnific, beautiful, brilliant, remarkable, awe-inspiring, exalted, praiseworthy, extraordinary, singular, stately, sublime, unusual.

Usage examples for magnificent

  1. They were magnificent men, in every way. – His Dog by Albert Payson Terhune
  2. How magnificent he is in them, is beyond my pen to describe to you, Louise. – Phyllis by Maria Thompson Daviess
  3. It ought to be more magnificent than ever. – The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories by Arnold Bennett