Synonyms for Shameful:


atrocious; disreputable (adjective)
profligate, opprobrious, carnal, unclean, dishonorable, wicked, corrupt, scandalous, heinous, vulgar, unworthy, immodest, ignominious, indecent, sinful, obscene, outrageous, intemperate, immoral, debauched, shocking, diabolical, embarrassing, infamous, ribald, humiliating, reprobate, flagrant, contemptible, villainous, impure, disgraceful, lewd.
deplorable (adjective)
despicable (adjective)
disreputable (adjective)
opprobrious, discreditable.
flagrant (adjective)
offensive (adjective)
regretful (adjective)
contrite, grieving, mourning, sorrowful, rueful, regretful, repentant, remorseful, penitent, lamenting.
wicked (adjective)


guilty, humiliating, painful, embarrassing, undignified, awkward, embarrassed. disgusting, heinous, flagrant, outrageous, corrupt, worthy, disreputable, gross, hellish, contemptible, despicable, unworthy, infernal, ribald, wrong, obscene, creditable, dishonest, admirable, evil, foul, infamous. discreditable, respect. shameful (noun)
black, disgraceful, dishonourable, shocking, scandalous, immoral, opprobrious, inglorious, ignominious, dishonorable.


revolting (verb)

Other synonyms:

discreditable, condemnable, humiliating, undignified, disreputable. deplorable, embarrassed. painful. awkward, guilty. unfortunate. awkward
immoral, indecent.
infamous, scandalous.
Other relevant words:
wicked, embarrassing, lewd, indelicate, humiliating, guilty, embarrassed, disgraceful, opprobrious, outrageous, indecent, diabolical, foul, scandalous, flagrant, obscene, ignominious, degraded, painful, dishonourable, inglorious, impure, wrong, reprobate, heinous, corrupt, immodest, hellish, shocking, carnal, black, unclean, disreputable, ribald, intemperate, contemptible, infamous, dishonest, debauched, condemnable, infernal, vulgar, knavish, offensive, sinful, awkward, undignified, unworthy, evil, gross, despicable, discreditable, dishonorable, villainous, immoral, deplorable, profligate, disgusting, unfortunate.

Usage examples for shameful

  1. When the men who brought the treasure followed him into his house, and saw its frugal arrangements, and his wife making bread, while Phokion with his own hands drew water from the well and washed their feet, they pressed the money upon him yet more earnestly, and expressed their disappointment at his refusal, saying that it was a shameful thing for a friend of King Alexander to live so poorly. – Plutarch's Lives Volume III. by Plutarch
  2. It was shameful shameful – Bertha Garlan by Arthur Schnitzler
  3. Oh, it was shameful shameful that she should be kept prostrate here, unable to lift her head! – A Terrible Secret by May Agnes Fleming