Synonyms for Fabulous:


amazing, wonderful (adjective)
fantastic, terrific, astonishing, incredible, super, unreal, legendary, cool, unbelievable, superb, astounding, groovy, stupendous, fab, striking, phenomenal, remarkable, marvelous, prodigious.
exceptional (adjective)
excellent, unprecedented, exceptional, extraordinary, miraculous, novel, phenomenal, outlandish, peculiar, unusual, outstanding, striking, Wonderous, superior, noteworthy, notable, fantastic, marvelous, wonderful, remarkable, sensational, exotic.
heavenly (adjective)
ecstatic, marvelous, miraculous, delightful, wonderful, joyful, Wonderous, heavenly, glorious, rhapsodic, blissful.
imaginary (adjective)
make-believe (adjective)
mythologic (adjective)
unbelievable (adjective)


fake, legendary, mock, fabled, simulated, imaginary, synthetic, hypothetical, false, pretended, apocryphal. decent, wonder, superb. huge, good, stupendous, fantastical, high, astounding, amazing, wondrous, enormous, astonishing, king-size, large, wide, prodigious, vast, big. neat, hot, super, groovy, keen, divine, cool, tremendous, great, dandy, nifty, ripping, terrific, splendid, swell, dreamy. real. fabulous (noun)
mythic, incredible, unbelievable, fab, pleasing, mythologic, mythological, unreal, mythical.

Other synonyms:

groovy, astounding, nifty, ripping. wondrous, stupendous, amazing, legendary, astonishing. prodigious, tremendous. dandy, fantastical, dreamy. divine, splendid, hot, neat, keen, terrific, cool. eminent

Usage examples for fabulous

  1. This latter reason I look upon as very absurd, and worthy only of the fabulous Buffon. – The Boy Hunters by Captain Mayne Reid
  2. Napoleon then made a movement to the right in order to drive back the troops which threatened to march on Paris, and by a curious chance he came up with the troops in the very place where he passed the boyish years in which he cherished what then seemed wild and fabulous dreams of his future fate. – Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, v12 by Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne
  3. Tharn's fabulous strength and agility they remembered from his initial appearance; the others they also recalled as being exceptional fighting- men. – Warrior of the Dawn by Howard Carleton Browne