Synonyms for Classical:


artistic style (adjective)
cubist, symbolist, constructivist, Dadaist, neoimpressionist, neotraditional, abstract, nonrepresentational, romantic, expressionist, modernist, neoclassic, idealist, representationalist, primitivistic, impressionist, surrealist, realistic, objective, naturalist.
concerning ancient culture (adjective)
attic, latin, greek, roman, classic, hellenic, academic.
elegant (adjective)
cultivated, tactful, cultured, graceful, well-bred, sophisticated, exquisite, fine, decorous, refined, dignified, suave, neat, stylish, charming, tasteful, elegant, civil.
simple, chaste (adjective)
elegant, restrained, refined, harmonious.
tasteful (adjective)


ancient, harmonic, acoustic, harmonious, latin, restrained, academic, discordant, funky, archaic, balanced, correct, atonal, bluesy, roman, attic, greek, formal, flat, bass. cognate, disyllabic, figurative, prototypical, archetypal, creole, prototypal, model, archetypical, agglutinative, same, quintessential, paradigmatic, representative, idiomatic, extinct, archetypic, prototypic, typic, usual, dead, typical, figuratively. archaeological, circus, good, antiquity, anglo-saxon, vintage, archeological, basilica. classical (noun)
classic, greco-roman, hellenic, authoritative, graeco-roman, neoclassic, standard, neoclassical, definitive.

Other synonyms:

archetypal, discordant, quintessential, latin, cognate, paradigmatic, archetypic, archetypical, typic, classically, archaeological, prototypical, funky, atonal, idiomatic, agglutinative, roman, figuratively, exacting, prototypal, prototypic, advanced, harmonious, disyllabic, bluesy. anglo-saxon, acoustic, figurative, traditional, average, archaic, basilica, creole, antiquity, vintage, bass, extinct, circus, harmonic, ancient, low. typical. above. dead. flat.

Usage examples for classical

  1. He was always full of his classical allusions! – The Valley of Decision by Edith Wharton
  2. This first part of the banquet might been compared in every way to a rendering of some classical tragedy. – The Magic Skin by Honore de Balzac
  3. For the story of the Horatii, see any classical dictionary. – Bataille De Dames by Eugène Scribe and Ernest Legouvé